Updated finish on kitchen chairs.

Updated Kitchen Chairs

Last week in the “Afternoon Tea Set Up” post, I included a sneak peek of my updated kitchen chairs. I’ve been working on them off and on for several weeks. Actually more off than on, but I finally completed the project. The family thought I was crazy when I started stripping off the dark stain, but I proved that all the mess was worth it.

Great contrast of the light finish with the floor and table.


Truth be told, there were moments of insanity or inspiration, however you want to look at it, when I thought about moving the chairs to the curb with a sign that read “free firewood”. Refinishing furniture is work. I’m not going to sugar coat it. In my case, it took a whole lot more patients than it did skill to refinish the chairs. I’m just putting this out there, so that before you decide to tackle a set a kitchen chairs you know what you’re in for.

Dark finish before.

Dark finish of the kitchen chairs looked outdated.


When I started stripping the old finish from the chairs, I didn’t plan on creating a step by step tutorial, so I only have one photo from my phone that I can share with you. It’s really scary looking!


Ugly chairs during the stripping process.


After all the stripping, scraping, and sanding the new finish was revealed. The natural wood is very light, which I played up even more by adding a soft wax to chairs.


Updated chairs have a lime wax to lighten the finish.


The lighter finish of the chairs works better with the dark kitchen cabinets and wood floor. The space now looks more open and a lot more interesting, because it’s not all the same wood color. Contrast is the key here.

Here’s the list of supplies I used for this project, (which contain affiliate links).

Remember safety first, so follow the manufactures directions before starting. The Ready-Strip was a good choice for me because I could use it indoors. It contains no methylene chloride or caustics that might be found in other products.


Light finish of the chairs with the dark kitchen table looks great.

Pin this for inspiration!

Pinning this for later, updating kitchen chairs.

The table will be another project I hope to start in the coming weeks. There are at least four layers of paint colors on the table top that I want to remove, in order to expose the lighter wood underneath. After that I’ll decide what to do with the table legs and apron.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. If you have suggestions on the table I would love to hear from you.



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