Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas

Welcome to my transitioning summer to fall kitchen ideas tour. I’m so excited to be part of the Transitioning From Summer to Fall Blog Hop hosted by my friend Amber from Follow The Yellow Brick Home. If you’re stopping by from Paula’s Virginia Sweet Pea, I’m so happy to have you join us. Love those dried hydrangeas!

The idea of transitional decorating puts me at ease this time of year. It’s what I call setting the stage. I’m just not quite ready to jump into full pumpkin mode yet. Once the real pumpkins and mums hit the farmer’s market, I’ll be ready.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas for a brown kitchen.


View of kitchen counter with large lantern and plants.


A few years ago I gave away most of my fall decor, including all my faux pumpkins. There’s something about decorating with the real thing, even if it’s on a smaller scale, that works better for me.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas with a light filled space.


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Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas

My transitional decorating starts with the chalkboard and the DIY moss covered letter I made last spring. Is it weird to say I’m crushing on these mini naturally dried gourds? Well no matter how it sounds, I’m in love with these little cuties.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas with a gourd garland..



Mini natural gourd garland on a chalkboard.


Apparently I have a thing for gourd garlands this year. I also have one that’s green and orange adorning the mantel, which you can view in the post Summer To Fall Mantel.

Vintage Vignettes

Now for more ideas on transitional decorating in the kitchen. Counter space is rather limited but I do have a little room for a vintage vignette on the counter next to fridge.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas - plant, vintage scale and Audubon print.


For a casual look, a framed Audubon book page leans up against the backsplash. Next to it is a rusty scale that belonged to my dad and a potted fern for color. The scale will make the perfect platform for piling on mini pumpkins soon.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas with vintage ironstone.


My kitchen tends to look really dark with all the wood cabinets, so I decorate with as much white as possible. The ironstone pieces lighten up the counters and create a handy spot for storing utensils.

Entertaining Area

I’m so excited that we finally have grown up looking bar stools. The natural color of the bistro bar stools contrast nicely with the navy colored wall. The wicker seats also add a different tone and texture that the room needs.


Neutral bistro bar stools with navy wall and kitchen.


This is the spot where we gather, when friends and family visit. It’s as if we don’t want to get too far from the food or miss any juicy conversations. I have one more chair on order so we won’t be fighting over these two.


Bistro barstools at the bar with navy wall.


Adding Color

Did you spot the addition of copper pots hanging on the end of the cabinets? They were completely forgotten in a cabinet until recently. The polished copper looks so pretty adding a bit of shine to that side of the kitchen.

For now they are hanging on nails until I find the right kind of hooks. Maybe I’ll remember to use them, now that they’re on display.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas with art.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas with copper posts hanging from cabinets.


Plants are another way to add color in the kitchen for fall. The fern from the mantel has a new home in the lantern on the bar along with leftover gourds.


Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas with lanterns and plants.


Transitional decorating also means bring the outdoors in. Fresh bundles of herbs smell amazing hanging in the kitchen.


Rooster blackboard with hanging herbs.


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Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas Tour


For ideas on autumn stripes and flowers see my recent post Easy Fall Tablescape.


Simple and easy fall tablescape


Next on the blog hop is Shannon from Belle Bleu Interiors. It’s always a treat to see her French inspired home. All the links to the blog hop are below so you can click through for tons of ideas.



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46 thoughts on “Transitioning Summer To Fall Kitchen Ideas

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Marty. You know I don’t feature my kitchen very often since white kitchens are more popular these days, but at least it’s the perfect color for fall.

  1. CoCo says:

    You always know just the right touches to add to your home to make it feel extra special Michelle! I love, love, love the gourds. We go to an event called Fall in the Fields and there is this one specific vendor that carries so many different kinds of gourds. I don’t even know where he finds the variety he has but they are super cool. We look forward to shopping his both every year so it was fun to see how you use gourds in your early Fall decor. I love it! Hugs, CoCo

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you CoCo! I’m really loving gourds this year. It’s a good thing I buy them on-line because I would go nuts at a vendor! Hugs!!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thanks Cindy! The gourd garland is the easiest one you’ll ever make, just tie with jute string. My kind of project! 😉

  2. Carol Cook says:

    Everything is lovely in your home. My favorites are the garlands on the chalkboard.

    I have an old window left from replacing our living room windows (one became a headboard) and I have been wanting to hang it on the wall and do something with it. The chalkboard pic gave me an idea. And, I remembered a garland of wood pieces from a few years ago. I even remember where I put it.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Carol. The best part of blog hops are the little snippets of inspiration we get from each other. Then we take that inspiration and make it our own. Sounds like your garland of wood pieces will be perfect with your window frame. 🙂

  3. Julie Briones says:

    Looks amazing! I pinned several of your photos (along with Crissy’s). You both gave me some great ideas for fall decor this year!

  4. Rita C. says:

    Michelle, your kitchen is lovely, and I don’t think it appears dark at all, rather a nice mix. The gourds are definitely a complementary addition, as are the copper pots. Love the barstools, and don’t forget that mounted deer head I saw in the hallway. He makes a very nice transitional decor! I think he needs some pom garland, he he. Happy September!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much Rita! LOL You know I’ve been threatening to decorate that deer mount for a long time. This may be the year! 🙂

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Laura. I think I enjoyed decorating the chalkboard the most. The mini gourds have fun shapes and the neutral color just works!

  5. Botanic Bleu says:

    There is always so much I love about every view I see of your home. The new bar stools with the navy counter wall are making me rethink the stools I have at my kitchen island. I love yours! And, I spotted a beautiful French style chair in the background of the photo with your lovely copper pots.

    How wonderful to have a vintage scale your dad owned. Somehow, it seems hard to find things our Dads had, but I do have a handful of my Dad’s Bible reference books and a funky one-hole metal punch he used on his desk.


    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Judith. My dad loved things with a history or a good story, so I must have inherited that from him. He started that little collection of copper pots for me when we bought our first house. I’m so glad I pulled them out again and polished them up!

  6. paulasweetpea says:

    Your kitchen looks lovely dressed for early fall, Michelle. I enjoyed seeing a kitchen with warm wood cabinets for a change! Love your mini gourd garland on your chalkboard. I dry my gourds each year and now have a giant bin filled with them that I use each fall for decorating.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Paula! How cool to grow and dry your own gourds. I bet they are gorgeous in a big basket. I think I’ve found a new interest in fall decorating.

  7. Crissy @ First Day of Home says:

    I’m loving all of your special touches, Michelle! I’m crushing on those mini gourds, too. It’s funny that you mention the bar stools. I’ve been wanting new stools since we moved into our house several years ago. It is where everyone congregates when they come over! Your home looks cozy and so welcoming. Pinning!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much Crissy! I’m still working my way through and can’t wait to see your post. Thanks for pinning too friend!

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