Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor

Transitioning From Summer to Fall Home Tour

Welcome to my transitioning from summer to fall home tour. Today I’m joining a fabulous group of bloggers all sharing their transitioning decorating ideas across the country. Whether I’m your first stop, or you’re joining me from Celebrate and Decorate on the blog tour, I’m thrilled to have you here.

In the last few years transitional decorating from one season to the next, has become a popular concept and works exceptionally well for people like me. I live in Texas and as much as I love pumpkin spice everything and plaid flannel shirts, our summers seem to be never-ending. We can only dream of cozy fires and hot chocolate with marshmallows while wearing shorts into October.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor


As I transition from summer to fall, I start swapping out accessories and adding as many warm wood tones as I can pull together.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor #naturestouch


The coffee table is the largest surface in the family room to decorate and my favorite spot to add items such as a wooden shoe mold, an antique tea box and a wooden tray. I think of it as setting the stage, and these accessories will be the backdrop for what is yet to come.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor


You can bet that as soon as I see pumpkins at the market, I’ll be loading up and nestling pumpkins of all sizes into little vignettes. Are you the traditional orange pumpkin lover or do you go for the white and gray pumpkins? I love them all and hope to find a few green pumpkins too.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor


As we are still enjoying the last of summer with morning walks and evening swims, I’m continuing my tradition of bring the outdoors in with tree trimmings or flowers whenever I can. My home just doesn’t feel right without those little pops of green.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor


Hanging from the mantel is a leaf garland I picked up last year. I like how it blends in with the white mantel. Since we haven’t gone full pumpkin mode yet, it’s a subtle hint of what’s to come.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor


Sometimes I forget to take pictures of our sweet girl. Sandy our wheaten terrier is thoroughly enjoying the last lazy days of summer doing what she does best.


Sandy our wheaten enjoying the last lazy days of summer.


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor #leafgarland

Ideas On How To Transition from Summer to  Fall

  • Fill baskets with throw blankets
  • Change out pillows
  • Add candles
  • Fill a bowl with fresh apples
  • Add plants and fresh tree trimmings
  • Add warm wood tones to accessorize with
  • Swap out summer art work for fall colors
  • Use dough bowls and bread boards
  • Fill a bucket with fire wood

Need ideas to transition your dinning room for fall? Take a look at my DIY book page table runner post. It’s the kind of table decoration that can be used through Thanksgiving. I also have a list of suggestions on how to change it up.


Mixing textures for a fun centerpiece.


Be sure to pin this for later, and follow Thistle Key Lane on Pinterest for more fun inspiration!


Transitioning from summer to fall home tour. #falldecor #transitionaldecor #vintagedecor #neutraldecor


Be sure to visit all of these beautiful blogs for transitioning ideas that will take you from summer to fall. Start with Amber our tour organizer from Follow The Yellow Brick Home then work your way through the tour.


46 thoughts on “Transitioning From Summer to Fall Home Tour

  1. Amber says:

    So so pretty Michelle!!! I love how you are “setting the stage.” Too early for pumpkins here too but I have also started to add warmer wood tones. Your sweet Sandy looks so cozy in your lovely home too!

    I can’t wait for pumpkins even though I don’t want summer to end. I love them all, every shape, color and size!

    Thank you so much for joining our tour! Happy summer, and have a wonderful fall ahead!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much Amber for inviting me. I’ve had so much fun getting to know everyone on the tour. Very sweet group of ladies. Now bring on the pumpkins and mums!!

  2. Angelina says:

    I love your wooden shoe as it brings in the Fall colors. I am like you I love all colors of pumpkins, I tend to use the brighter orange ones outside since they don’t go as well with my decor inside, but I always buy a big trunk full if my own pumpkin patch isn’t producing. Enjoyed your Summer to Fall tour!

  3. Michelle says:

    Michelle, your home tour is gorgeous! Just little subtle touches of fall here and there. Everything looks so clean and fresh! So happy to be on the home tours with you!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Michelle! I’m happy to be on the tour with you too. So fun to see everyones approach to fall decorating!

  4. Rita C. says:

    Michelle, I’m so with you on subtle introduction of the seasonal changes. Love your wooden shoe form and tea caddy (super nice!). We are also still enjoying early morning walks (beating the heat and sun in our eyes), but the past couple of days we’ve enjoyed some cooler (55°!!) temps – back to the high 60’s in the mornings next week. But, it’s a sign of the changes coming, and for that, I’m glad.
    Your wheaten terrier is precious! My next door neighbor has two (Dallas and Rosie). They’re really great tempered dogs. Your Sandy makes the best accessory for any season!
    Cheers, and may the fall season bring you a harvest of good times with friends and family.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Rita, I’m really looking forward to those crisp mornings in the 60s. What an energy boost it will be to me and my little walking partner. Cheers to you and happy fall!

  5. Debra “Common Ground” says:

    Hi Michelle, I love all your uses of texture to usher in the Fall Season. The glass hurricane vessel filled with natural elements is wonderful. I’m a lover of all colors of pumpkins. Everyone needs at least one that is orange!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Debra, I’m a classic orange pumpkin lover too! You’re right gotta have at least for fall and Halloween. 🙂

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