How To Make A Ticking Stripe Wreath

Hello friends, today I’m sharing how to make a ticking stripe wreath with a mini bunting that you can create for any season or holiday. I got the idea for today’s post by upcycling my own ticking wreath that I made last summer. To see the before photos, click on Summer Wreath.


Close up of ticking wreath, cotton string and spring bunting.


We think about upcycling or recycling furniture and found objects routinely. Now it’s time to see how to reuse other things we already have on hand. Instead of starting over on a new wreath I update one that I already had.

I must admit, when I made the ticking summer wreath last year, I didn’t have plans of redoing it. So nice to know my subconscious was working lol! If I had glued the bow, bunting and string in place I wouldn’t be able to change it or update it now.



Close up look of ticking wreath with bunting.


Next time you’re feeling crafty making a wreath think about how you can reuse it for other upcoming holidays or for seasonal decor. This project is also great for using scraps of fabric, ribbon and string.

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Ticking Stripe Wreath

The styrofoam wreath form is covered with five overlapping torn strips of ticking fabric (measuring 2-1/2″ x 36″) held in place with striped cotton string.

A bow made from torn strips of ticking fabric is also attached with striped cotton string.


Ticking covered wreath form.


Mini Bunting

To make the mini bunting, fold fabric and cut a triangle with pinking shears to make that cute zig-zag edge. Once all the pieces are cut use an iron along the folded.


Fabric triangles for bunting on white background.


Arrange fabric triangle patterns in the order you like best with the cotton string running along the inside fold. Add a drop or two of fabric glue to hold fabric together.

Note: if you want to be able to slide the fabric along the string and adjust spacing, then only apply glue to hold the fabric fronts and backs together.


Mini bunting with spring colors and patterns.


Stripe cotton string is wrapped around the wreath for added color and texture. Use as many colors as you like that coordinate with the fabrics.

The last step is tying the bunting and the ticking bow into place.


Ticking wreath with mini bunting.


The wreath I made today is for spring and summer but it can easily be changed for fall and winter. Can you imagine how many different ways you can create a ticking wreath for your home? Think about the colors you like best for different seasons and just have fun with it.

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Ticking wreath with mini bunting bright colors and patterns.


Thank so much for stopping by! For more ideas see the post Simple Eucalyptus Wreath.



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17 thoughts on “How To Make A Ticking Stripe Wreath

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Julie, I wasn’t sure at first on the different fabric patterns but the happy colors came together. Hugs!

  1. Cindy says:

    Ticking is one of my favorite fabrics! It is such a simple, clean look. I love how you have used it to create this wreath. And you are so right – so many ways to change it up for the seasons! Great project Michelle! Pinned!

  2. Lucy Beliveau says:

    Your wreath is fabulous and I’m in love with your banner! Why don’t I have my dear Mother’s pinking (?) sheers?!!! We are moving to a cozy, comfy new apartment in June and your banner just may have to be my first project!!! I’ll have to order some « scraps » from Amazon! I don’t see anymore so I’ve nothing left over to use!
    Love your precious ideas!! I keep so many of them on my cherished Pinterest Boards! Thank you for your wonderful blog!!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you! I’m always looking for opportunities to make banners big or small. Good luck on your move and decorating your new space. 😊

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