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Cane Chair Rescue

While doing a quick reconnoiter through a local antique mall, I rescued a charming cafe chair with a cane seat. The finish on the chair however, was far from being considered charming.  After cleaning off the grime and painting the chair with Amy Howard One Step Paint in linen, I was faced with the question of what to do with the cane seat. Should I paint or leave the cane in its natural color? Continue reading

Industrial Bookcase

Cocktail carts are all the rage these days by instantly inviting a festive mood into any room. I had hoped to find one to paint or update, but have reminded myself countless times, I have two obstacles. The first is lack of space and the second is Angus (aka the puppy wrecking ball). I decided to continue using my sturdy kitchen bookshelf as the bar keep area, but improve the function and appearance.


Metal Bolts


Paint bars to look like metal


New industrial look for mission style bookcase

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First Commissioned Work

Recently, I received my first request to paint a piece of furniture, naturally I was thrilled.  I have been looking for the opportunity to paint a piece of furniture for a “ real  client”.  While the new client was saying, “let me know how much…”, I was thinking, I just couldn’t charge for my first commissioned work.  What a relief that it was a step stool and not an armoire!

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Battle Scar Plaid

Painting a plaid pattern was a wee bit more difficult, than I first thought.  True plaid or tartan fabric has intersecting stripes that are woven, where one color seems to bleed into another. Until I learn how to create that with paint, my plaid will continue to be stripes layered one on top of another.

I played around with the paint until I came up with a pattern I could call my own. I selected Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue, Napoleonic Blue and Versailles. The colors, had just enough contrast to make the pattern look interesting.

Friday's Furniture Fix

Friday’s Furniture Fix

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Scottish Flag Tray

Tartan Scottie Dog from Ness

Tartan Scottie Dog from Ness

While daydreaming of my recent trip to Scotland, I decided to make a tray for my desk to display a few souvenirs.

I purchased a wooden plaque, craft paint and drawer handles to create a tray.

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