Swivel casters

Crates On Casters

I’m always looking for opportunities to make storage and organizing easier. Take a look at my tiny kitchen pantry for example. It is my pride and joy because no matter what’s going on in this household, it seems to stays organized. If I had to pick one thing to improve, it’s the heavy crate sitting on the floor.  It’s great for storage holding various types and sizes of drinks, but the down side is that it can be quite heavy to move when I need to clean.  Continue reading

Rustic look with new wine crates

How To Build A Wine Crate End Table

My original purpose for these simple wine crates was storage. What I ended up with was a unique wine crate end table with a beautiful rustic finish. In just a few easy steps see how to build a wine crate end table of your own.

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Ottoman Made With Wine Crates

Wine Crate Ottoman

I’m not sure if I’m more excited about my new wine crate ottoman, or the fact that my studio is clean enough for a photo shoot. I’m embarrassed to admit that it actually took longer to straighten and organize the studio, than it did to put the new ottoman together. Anyway, thank you for stopping by! Continue reading