Freshening Up The Entry

Time for freshening up the entry. When thinking about updating a stagnate space, I usually shop around my house. It is so much fun to reposition accessories and not have to spend a dime.  The entry should reflect the rest of the house, so why not pull accessories from around the house to enhance the space.

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Book Covers

During a recent window shopping excursion, I noticed an eye pleasing display at Restoration Hardware, which prompted the inspiration for my white book covers. RH has large white fabric covered books on every horizontal surface in their store. I decided to recreate the sophisticated look that caught my attention. The uniformity of the books, allows the space to feel less cluttered and easy-going.


Books on shelf


Some of my books are in better shape than others but they were part of my childhood, and my brother before me, so I’m not ready to part with them.


Old Children's Classics



I decided to use white denim to cover the books. Luckily, I still have yards and yards of white denim left over from a miserably failed project, too ghastly to include in a blog post. For now I’ll sidestep that story.

Getting back to the book covers… I measured the length and width I needed, with the book open and the spine flat on my cutting surface. I also added enough fabric to double back to make pockets and about a half-inch extra at the top and bottom.

Once I had the first book cover cut to the desired width and length, I used it as a pattern to cut out six more for the set.


To make the cover, I folded the top and bottom over a half-inch to iron a crease. Then I folded the left and right sides to form the pockets.

To make the pockets, I used a thin strip of heat bond tape and ironed the folded sides together.

I thought as long as I was recovering books, I would create some with indigo linen and navy ticking.  The combination looks great together.


Book Covers


White denim and indigo linen


After the initial photos on the mantle, I decided to try the books in different spaces.  I’m loving the  look of the books in the media cabinet as well as in the guest bedroom.


Media Cabinet


Media Cabinet With Books


Cloth Covers Guest Room


Indigo and Ticking Books


Super easy project, and an instant face lift for your favorite old books.


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