Updating A Bedroom With Patterns

Updating a bedroom with patterns may sound easy, but for me it was a bit of a challenge. When I decorate, it’s with longevity in mind. Such as using solid colors that are easily changed with seasonal accessories. It’s a good plan, but sometimes I really need to get out of my decorating comfort zone and have fun. Continue reading

Oxford Cloth Sheets Review

Oxford cloth sheets from Lands' End

Oxford cloth sheets from Lands’ End

If I were a celebrity and had the opportunity to list my favorite products, let’s say for a magazine article (dare to dream), I would include Oxford Cloth Sheets from Lands’ End.  Well, I’m not in the celebrity crowd and I don’t do interviews, but I can write a review. Continue reading

Gone to the Dogs

Instead of spending my Saturday painting like a mad woman, I turned my attention to the cedar chest that sits in front of the bed. This piece of furniture has been used and abused by little paws. The dogs use it to jump on and off the bed, as a result it has been recovered countless times over the years. The things we do for our puppy dogs, right! Continue reading

What’s Old is New Again

We love to hear stories of the cute and innocent things we did as children.  I remember my mom telling me, when I was five, my Sunday school teacher Charlotte asked me where I got my beautiful dress.  I told her matter-of-factly, my mother made it from one of her old suits that was out of style.  Evidently, Charlotte was very impressed with the sophisticated rich colors of the woven tweed and beautiful buttons made into a smart-looking jumper. After church she made a point of complimenting my mother on her resourcefulness.  My mother said she was a little embarrassed over the whole thing, especially when her friend kept going on and on about it! She wasn’t upset with me of course, for telling the truth.  After all, we were at church!

My mom did have an amazing talent for stretching a small budget. My “what’s old is new again” is almost as clever and I didn’t spend a dime.

After combing through a couple of fabric stores, looking for fabric to recover the cushion on the newly painted wicker chair, I came back empty-handed.  Determined to find the right material, I started going through the linen closet and discovered a euro sham I saved from Pottery Barn.

The sham hardly looked used, so I saved it after the last master bedroom update.  Now it has a new purpose.

Fitting sham to cushion

Fitting sham to cushion

I decided to approach this project just like the slip cover I made for the love seat.

The sham was turned inside out and the cushion was inserted. After centering the cushion inside and pinning the opening closed across the center, I proceeded to pin all around the edge.

After stitching around the edge the extra fabric is trimmed away.

After stitching around the edge the extra fabric is trimmed away.


Then I carefully removed the cushion and sewed where the pins marked the outline of the cushion.

Next, I carefully cut away the extra fabric.

In order to make the corners look fitted I made a little triangle, pinned it in place, then ran a seam across each corner.

Sandy under the guest bed watching

Sandy under the guest bed watching me taking photos.

Cushion finished

Cushion finished

The cushion with its coordinating fabric is reversible but I favor the small stripes. Velcro (my trade secret) was used to hold the opening in place and navy buttons finished the project.

Wicker chair after paint update and a slip covered cushion.

Wicker chair after new paint and a slip covered cushion.

The slip covered cushion completes the chair. One step closer to finishing the guest room!

Check out the before picture of the wicker chair in the post Color Refined.


Gray Area

Gray area guest room

Gray area guest room

Two weeks ago, I decided to move the guest room upstairs. When I shared my plan with the husband he looked at me like I had asked him to raise the roof for a third floor addition.  Men!

Moving the bed upstairs was the first step.  I won’t go into the details but these are the things that can test a relationship!  Luckily, no one broke a leg or anything exciting like that!

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