Be My Valentine

A simple old-fashioned wish, “Be my Valentine” and a Valentine wreath with a twist.


Be My Valentine Chalkboard


On the front door is a heart wreath with an argyle look. With the fun seafaring colors, it can stay up long past Valentine’s Day.


Front Door




I love argyle patterns almost as must as I love plaid, and that’s saying something. The last few years, I’ve made several different versions of this wreath with fall leaves, hearts and diamond shapes. The color combinations and holiday themes could be endless.

Supplies for this project:

  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Indigo blue yarn
  • Natural cotton string
  • Baby pink and royal blue felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots or low-temp glue gun

This project comes together so quick.  First wrap the wreath with yarn making sure the strands are tight and close together.


Wrapping yarn around the wreath


Next make a pattern for the hearts and trace around the pattern with a marker on the felt.


Heart shapes


After cutting out the heart shapes, arrange them on the wreath. Once the desired pattern is set, secure the felt hearts with a few glue dots, which hold instantly.  I’m very  impressed with glue dots and didn’t even know they existed until recently. Obviously, I need to get out more.


Argyle pattern


Lastly, wrap the cotton string across the hearts to form the argyle pattern.


Hearts and white cotton string


Valentine Wreath on Shelf


I took a few photos with the wreath propped on a shelf for a side view of the hearts.


Valentine Wreath Side View


Wreath with a bow


The bow is optional.  I prefer the masculine look but you may fancy a wide delicate bow. Either way just have fun with it.


Pretty bow and wreath


Happy Valentine’s Day!