Scotch Dinner

Having been lucky enough to attend a few Scotch tastings over the years, I‘m always pleased to find that the whisky speaks for itself and doesn’t need much in the way of explanation.  However, when you mix a superb single malt Scotch whisky with an authentic, and dare I say charming, representative from the whisky’s home of origin, the tasting experience crests into a realm of total sensory delight. I can smell, taste, see, and hear Scotland.

The Scotch dinner, featuring Glenfiddich and Balvenie, was held at our favorite restaurant, Next Wood Fired Bistro (Next). We have attended several of these themed dinners at Next since they opened a few years ago and each event has been spectacular.  The dinners are usually inspired by a particular wine or spirit and include a four course meal.  The experience is further enhanced by a representative of the featured wine or spirit, who teaches the guests all about what they are drinking as they enjoy the various courses and drink pairings.

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