St. Valentine’s Day

I have been saving these vintage Valentine stickers and Valentine card for a while.  I found them while cleaning out my dad’s things a few years ago.  It was a daunting task going through boxes of papers, letters and photos. Some of the memorabilia dated back three generations, which was a remarkable adventure. I really thought I would  find some hidden secret or a rare postage stamp worth a million dollars. No such luck. As it turned out, the treasures I found were all sentimental.


Envelope Stickers

I have no doubt the vintage Valentines belonged to my grandmother, although I’m not sure if they are dated from the 1930s or 40s. I tucked them away for safe keeping, just like my grandmother did all those years ago. When I recently came across them again , I knew exactly what I wanted to create for Valentine’s Day this year.


Valentine Card


After trying several fun background colors with acid free scrapbook paper, the blue gingham made the reds really pop. What a coincidence blue is my favorite color.


Yellow check


Red check


Blue Gingham


First I centered the card and stickers, then I used acid free adhesive dots to keep everything in place. Adding the mat and cleaning the glass was the last step.




Framed Valentine


I’m not sure if this silly Valentine was supposed to be a cat or a mouse. I made it in elementary school and gave it to my grandfather, Popo. At the last-minute I tucked it into the frame just because it makes me smile.


Popo Valentine

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


Michelle Meyer || Thistle Key Lane

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