Spring Cleaning Continued

Spring cleaning continues in the family room which is the hangout for the dogs and the husband. The mood of the room changes with the seasons due to the large windows which bring in light and color from the backyard. As far as updating goes, I’m only changing out a few things for spring and summer.

Apple Display on Mantle

Apple Display on Mantle

The mantel has always been the decorating dilemma in this room.  It is only about 6 inches deep so I left it blank for several years thinking if I ignored it somehow it will fade away.  My best solution so far has been the tall cylinder vases I found at Target.  Proportionally they are tall enough standing on each side of the print and narrow enough for the shallow mantel.

I’m thinking about switching out the green apples for a couple of big leaves casually leaning out the top.


Wine corks

Wine corks

Anyone can see I love wine from the cork collection in the wire vase.  I’m going to hide the evidence during spring and summer, in order to add some vase filler that smells like oranges and looks pretty too.  Just a little pop of color.

The family room is easy to maintain, however keeping the dogs off the sofa is never going to happen.  Every couple of months I give the sofa a deep cleaning.  I take all the cushions off and vacuum throughly.  I’m usually horrified to see what has collected between and under the cushions.  Then I follow-up with a leather cleaner and conditioner over the entire sofa. Amazingly enough in spite of the dogs and the husband it still looks new.

Part of maintaining the family room is picking up the dog toys.  Of course Dottie thinks this is a game. As soon as I gather them up, she takes them out and guards them. This morning I won the game because she is taking a nap.

Here comes the sun!


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