Simple Ideas For Christmas Mantels

It seems that once the Christmas tree is decorated, all the rest of the decorating falls into place. Just for fun, I thought I would share a few simple ideas for Christmas Mantels and how I decorated ours the last few years.

If you have followed me for a while you know that the style of our house is very simple, and because of that I usually keep the decor to a minimum.

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I have sort of a formula when it comes to decorating the mantel that has worked for me.  If I’m not sure where to start, I just think about using one or more components from these four categories.

  • Greenery (fresh or faux)
  • Natural Elements
  • Garlands
  • Classic Christmas Decor


Christmas Mantels With Fresh Greenery

Fresh greenery not only looks beautiful, but also fills the house with a pleasing aroma. It’s a way of bring the outdoors in with its natural beauty.


Pepper berries and cedar clippings in a clear vase.


This year I made three small arrangements with pepper berries and cedar clippings in clear glass vases (similar to mine). The soft reds and greens are perfect for decorating at Christmas time.

I love pepper berries, but hardly ever see them in the floral department of our grocery store. Lucky for me they had some this year.



When I talk about greenery I’m referring to clippings of various types of pine, cedar, holly and even herbs. Last year I used a bay leaf garland across the mantel. The leaves were so lush and green I didn’t think it needed any other embellishments and left it plain.

For more ideas on fresh greenery see the Happy Christmas Tour post.


This snowy pinecone garland is so simple to make.

Decorating With Natural Elements

Using natural elements such as apples, pears and pomanders, as well as dried fruit slices and pinecones is a great way to had a pop of color or texture to the mantel.


Pepper berry arrangements and pears on the mantel.


This year I used just a few pears tucked in on each side of the pepper berry arrangements for a bit more color. Pears are one of our favorite fruits and never go to waste around here. I just keep buying more and switch them out as they get ripe, so we can enjoy them.

Decorating With Garlands

These days garlands can be made out of almost anything from glass ornaments, to twigs, to gingerbread men. I love the touch of whimsy that garlands can add to a mantel.



I’m really stuck on white wool felt ball garlands. It’s like wearing a string of pearls, they go with everything from plaid to pinecones.  This year they are making a solo appearance.

Check out the Decorating Christmas In Plaid post for more ideas.


Classic mantel with greenery, mercury trees and plaid.

Decorating With Classic Christmas Decor

The mercury trees are back on the mantel this year and so perfect for this spot adding sparkle and height. I also added a few books and candles to frame the pepper berry arrangements.



The mantel is a perfect place to display collections. You may have a collection and not even realize it. Take a look at this list to see what you have.

Decorating tip: Remember instead of scattering collections around a room, group them together for more impact.



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Thank you so much for stopping by. Are you ready to get started on Christmas decorating? It’s a great way to work off that big turkey dinner we had yesterday.



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10 thoughts on “Simple Ideas For Christmas Mantels

  1. Crissy says:

    I love how light and airy your mantel decor looks from year to year. Comparing that bead garland to a string of pearls is perfect! Ha! The mantel is clean and very pleasing to the eye in each photo. Great post, Michelle.

  2. Kristine says:

    I like how simple and natural your mantel decorations are. I think it makes a subtle and elegant statement. And of course, mercury glass always looks so festive!

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