Scottish Flag Tray

Tartan Scottie Dog from Ness

Tartan Scottie Dog from Ness

While daydreaming of my recent trip to Scotland, I decided to make a tray for my desk to display a few souvenirs.

I purchased a wooden plaque, craft paint and drawer handles to create a tray.

Before painting I created a few battle scars to the wood.  Hitting the edges with a paint roller resulted in some interesting dents. Then I gouged the center with scissors and finally added a few heavy dents in random places with a hammer.

With painters tape I created a large X across the board, then painted the open area with blue craft paint. I used Martha Stewart Satin craft paint mixing together wild blueberry and sky blue.

Next, I painted the remaining area white (MS wedding cake) to complete the flag. To give the tray a professional look I painted all the edges and the back of the tray with the remaining wild blueberry craft paint.  The last step was attaching the drawer handles  which required carefully measuring then drilling all the way through the wood.

After taking some photos I decided the handles needed some tweaking. I lightly coated the handles with paint then polished them with a cloth to get the desired look I was going for.  As a result they compliment instead of compete with the blue paint.

Add drawer pulls to finish the Scottish Flag Tray

Add drawer handles to finish the Scottish Flag Tray

Lastly, I added felt pads under each corner to keep the tray from scratching any surfaces. One of my favorite souvenirs I purchased in Scotland is the tartan Scottie dog. Who could resist something this cute! Young Jamie is now a permanent resident on my desk.  Got carried away taking pictures of this wee guard dog! Woof!

Scottish Flag Tray

Scottish Flag Tray

The tray would also be a great addition to the kitchen bar area for whisky tasting. Maybe I should start planning that next! Oh aye!


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