Nostalgic Appeal

Yesterday, I had an “aha moment” when I was writing on my chalkboard.  I wondered to myself, why do I love chalkboards so much?  It is obvious that they have a nostalgic appeal, but what I love is simply writing or drawing on them. Why didn’t I think about that before? I guess it was because I was too busy admiring them to think about the “why”.   It seems that the extent of my everyday physical writing process consists of making out shopping list or occasionally writing a thank you letter.  I find myself practicing what I am going to write on a scrap piece of paper if anything is more than a sentence because basically I’m not used to physically writing anymore. 

It is somewhat sad that penmanship and the art of a written note or letter are becoming rarities.  Writing on my chalkboard is a way I bring a little extra happiness into my everyday life and it helps me remind myself that taking a few extra minutes to create something handwritten is well worth the effort.  

Anyway back to my aha moment. I started over several times trying to make it look just right, and realized I kind of like that my lettering is far from perfect.  That is supposed to be the nostalgic appeal.

Now, if my chalkboard only came with spell check…

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