New Mac Raincoat Review

Meet the new Mac. One love was not enough and now I have two. Who would duck the rain with a coat so comfortable to wear. The newest Mac from Boden has a few changes worth mentioning.


Front view of Boden Mac

Once again, I love the tailored details and the correct proportions for a precise fit. For someone who’s petite, this is a big deal!

Being a wee bit camera-shy, this is my attempt at modeling.


Flipped up collar


No more big buttons, however I have to admit the hidden snaps are a snap. Across the pond, they say poppers.


Front view of collar


The collar has an interesting new detail with the addition of a strap to keep out chilly drafts.


Extra strap at the collar


The pockets are still at the perfect height and keep hands comfy warm on meandering strolls.


Cuff and pocket


With the eye-catching coordinating fleece lining, I could direct traffic. Brilliant for staying warm while remaining a trend setter.


Bright Lining


The Boden designers have created a unique balanced with their fixation on colors, patterns and eternal flawless style. I’m always looking forward to their next design, always classic and never boring.


Modeling the Boden Mac


Definitive Mac!


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