House plants watercolors are fun.

New Houseplant Watercolors

New houseplant watercolors are like having plants without killing them.  On the other hand the watercolors can also be a welcome addition to the plants you already have.


Houseplant watercolors from Thistle Key Lane.


Gallery wall with simple and fun art. Houseplant watercolors by Thistle Key Lane


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I must add a note of caution, these plants are full of attitude. Before uploading to my Society6 page I gave each one a name. There are seven total with a zebra plant portrait coming soon.

The houseplants names

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig – Fred
  • Palm Tree – Lucy
  • Pony Tail Plant – Dude
  • Monster Plant – Myrtle
  • Snake Plant – Sly
  • Olive Tree – Pepper
  • Banana Tree – Kevin



Banana tree watercolor. Houseplant watercolors by Thistle Key Lane.


When I started drawing and painting houseplants I wanted to create stylish containers that evoke a modern boho feel. The eclectic mix of containers is made up of baskets, ceramics and terracotta. Who knows what I will come up next.  Maybe something with a black and white pattern or bright colors. I must admit the basket with the dark pink tassels was the most fun.


Houseplant monastera watercolor. Houseplant watercolor by Thistle Key Lane.


If you’re thinking about painting as a hobby I highly recommend it. Every chance I get, I steal a few minutes to escape to my studio to try something new. I consider painting, a creative outlet to reduce stress and it works wonders!


Pony tail plant watercolor. Houseplant watercolors by Thistle Key Lane.


Each houseplant watercolor has a title and a name to match its personality.

To see the complete collection click on Society6.



I highly recommend ordering the art prints and adding your own frames. For a casual look display them on a gallery wall with clip boards.

The tote bag is one of my favorite items at Society6. They are well made and so practical.


Olive tree tote bag by Thistle Key Lane.


Thank you so much for viewing this post and taking a look at my watercolors. It’s scary and a bit nerve-racking thinking about how others might critique the artwork I created. I’m constantly telling myself not to worry so much about technique and just paint.

I hope you will find a place for one or two of these lighthearted houseplant watercolors. What is your favorite houseplant? I would love to hear your ideas!



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