More Training Please

Area rug


Today I’m sharing photos of the new area rug in the family room and of course Angus. Why? I’m delighted you asked. But first, let’s get one thing established, “the incidents”  leading up to the new rug, happened on someone else’s watch.

Angus attack


Get the ball


Learning how to train a puppy is hard work and an ongoing process (with emphasis on the ongoing part).  As I discovered in puppy class at PetSmart, it’s not the puppy’s fault if anything is damaged. It’s the owner’s fault, either from lack of supervision or training.


Little Angels


Ultimately, I’m the one to blame, for not threatening bodily harm for anything going awry.  That way the husband wouldn’t have been so lackadaisical with his puppy sitting assignments. (Just sayin!)


Pretty eyes


Pretty paws


Who could be upset with a puppy that has paws this cute. We only had Angus two months when we lost our tenacious and sweet Dottie.  She was a longtime companion for 14 years, and deeply missed every day.  After we lost her, Angus in his own insightful way tried to fill in for Dottie. He quickly assumed the heroic task of entertaining and distracting Sandy, whether she wanted it or not. Now they play constantly as the best of friends.  Truthfully, the wee nugget is just so happy all the time, I can’t help but be amused, even when he continues to test me every way imaginable.


Standing pose


Angus 5 months

We’re excited to start our intermediate puppy training this week at PetSmart. By the way, their trainers are wonderful.  Wish us luck and a long life for the new area rug.


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