Coffee latte on white tray and coffee bar.

Modern Coffee Station With Vintage Style

Something I’ve been looking forward to creating for the longest time is a modern coffee station with vintage style. The short counter space next to the fridge is underutilized because it’s not in the kitchen’s working triangle. Now it has a clear purpose other than a spot to decorate and looks pretty fabulous too.


Creamers on a cake stand


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Modern Coffee Station With Vintage Style

When it comes to modern or vintage styles I’m always at the crossroads. I can go either way but most of the time I enjoy a mix of both.

The new Keurig coffee maker I picked out is curvy with a modern style that looks great on the kitchen counter.  As it turns out it’s also the same color as our fridge, which is pure accident, but I’m pretending I had it planned all along.


Counter set up for a modern coffee station with vintage style.


Stylish Keurig coffee maker.


Of course the coffee maker delivers a great cup of coffee but it also heats milk for the best foamy lattes and cappuccinos. It’s taking my morning coffee routine to an all new level.



Take a look at these double wall latte mugs. This is what I call serious foam which makes a pretty fabulous coffee latte.

Vintage Style

I must admit I’m not big on having a lot of clutter on the counter. Less clutter means it’s easier to clean which is very important to me. On the other hand, interjecting a little bit of personality into the coffee station is also important.


Modern Coffee Station With Vintage Style display of ironstone creamers.


I started collecting vintage creamers a few years ago while traveling. Antique stores are always on my sight seeing excursions and small collectibles are the easiest to bring home.

I’m using the largest creamer since it’s just the right size to keep spoons handy. On the back side of the cake stand, a vintage milk bottle holds straws for iced coffee and lattes.


Modern coffee station with vintage style creamers.


At the last minute, I remembered I have a porcelain creamer in the shape of a milk carton. Wouldn’t that look cute as a vase holding a daisy. I’ll work on that for next time.

Coffee Station Organization

For easy organizing I’m using a large storage jar to store coffee pods. It’s handy having them next to the coffee maker, plus they’re visibility lets me know when I need to shop for more.

I’m also using a small jar with a locking lid for my sugar substitute, because well it looks more attractive on the counter.


Jar of sugar with spoon.


Modern Coffee Station With Vintage Style Decor


A few cups are on the counter for the photo shoot but on a daily basis are out of sight in the cabinets above.

For more kitchen storage ideas see my post on Organizing A Kitchen.


Counter Top Modern Coffee Station With Vintage Style


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Modern Coffee Station With Vintage Style Jars and Creamers.


Thank you for letting me share my modern coffee station with vintage style. How do you like your coffee?


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  1. Julie Briones says:

    Love your coffee station… the white elements are perfect, and the storage in all the glass and ironstone containers works great! Pinned!

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