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My kitchen pantry has been my happy place for the longest time.  My love for organization knows no bounds when it comes to my pantry.   Although I am happy with it 99% of the time, I find that it occasionally needs some tweaking.  The canvas lined baskets look simple and clean and are very convenient for consolidating.   However, the down side is that they sometimes hide items too well.  I recently noticed that the mixes I stored in the taller basket were expired because they were too well hidden and therefore were forgotten.   The lesson I learned here is that organizing a space is more than looking well-ordered; it needs to be functional.  In addition, organizing should be flexible as the requirements for the space evolve.

The wire baskets I found are the correct size to fit on my shelves and now I have better visibility for what is contained inside them.  The wicker baskets are still in great shape so they will be repurposed in another room.

The tall container that looks like a trash can is actually used for dog food.  I added a label because I don’t want guests to put trash in the wrong place.  The new wire and canvas basket on the floor conceals recycle paper, plastic and glass. Much better than the paper bag I was using.

It may seem a little unusual to have the dog bowls in the pantry, but it is very convenient.  Our dogs aren’t large enough to reach the food on the shelves, so I don’t worry about them getting into people food.  I also like having the bowls tucked under the shelves and not in the way of foot traffic.

My pantry is still my happy place and should be easy to maintain the small improvements I have made. Definitely worth sharing.


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Pantry

  1. Lord chastain says:

    I love your organization. I think everybody needs a walk in pantry. I have a galley kitchen and could sure use one.
    Seeing your posts brings back many memories of our childhood.
    — a joy to read and love the pictures

  2. Allen, Marcia 220A-Tarrant (Grapevine Branch) says:

    Come over whenever you’re ready for your next decorating and/or organizing project….. I have an endless list of possibilities 🙂

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