Irresistible Spring Chickens

If this post serves one purpose and one purpose only, I hope it will make you smile. When I spotted these irresistible spring chickens, I instantly thought of a half-dozen reasons why I had to buy them. Fortunately, the package of six chickens was very inexpensive, or dare I say…cheap. Their whimsical wool bodies are simply charming.

Before making a wreath, I had a photo shoot to capture their unique personalities.


Chicken photo session 2


Chicken photo session 3

Hey, no talking in the line up you two.

We have the team captain, the girly girl, the prankster, the fussbudget , the chatterbox, and miss bossy pants.


Chicken photo session 1


Chicken photo session 4


So much for their cheerleading skills.

To make the wreath, I wrapped yarn around a foam circle. The neutral colored yarn I picked, has flecks of black and tan just like one of my favorite scarves. The ribbon has gray and cream stripes, which adds interest without distracting. The chickens were easily mounted on the wreath, by using the stiff wires on their feet. I simply pushed the wires into the foam and they held in place.



I love how the small amount of red on the combs, pops with the neutral yarn and the black background of the door.


Side view of Chicken Wreath


Taking photos was a challenge since it has been raining all week, but I finally got to hang the wreath on the door. Now, does that make you smile or what. Happy spring!


Spring Chicken Wreath


Gray and white ribbon



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4 thoughts on “Irresistible Spring Chickens

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Cyn, I found the chicks by chance at a gift store called the Sample House & Candle Shop in Southlake. They have several locations in the Dallas area, and have a web site but I’m not sure they have the chicks on-line.

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