Winter white pompoms and pinecones

How To Make Snowy Pinecones

Today I’m sharing how to make snowy pinecones and you’re going to love the easy process. The pinecones turned out so cute I decided to create a simple garland for the mantel.

This is the best way to make snowy pinecones.

The secret is in the type of paint. I used Coastal textured paint by Folk Art. It has the consistency of marshmallow cream and can be dabbed on in thick clumps. As the paint dries, it settles into the undulating sections of the pinecone. The end result is a soft coat of paint that looks like snow.


  • Folk Art Coastal Texture Paint in Sand Dollar
  • Sponge brush
  • Pinecones
  • Egg carton or small paper cups
  • Cotton string for the garland

Using a sponge brush, I dabbed the textured paint on the base of the pinecones. When the paint was dry I turned the pinecones over and added paint to each scale. According to the  label, drying time is about 2 hours, although it may take a little longer depending on the thickness of the paint application.

The pinecone on the left has the textured paint freshly applied. The pinecone on the right is completely dry.


Before with textured paint applied and after it has dried.


I used small paper cups to hold the pinecones upside down while the paint was drying, although an egg carton would work just as well.

This is not a sponsored post, I just like sharing how I used the product to create my snowy craft.


Coastal textured paint used to create a snowy effect.


To make the garland, I wrapped cotton string around each pinecone between the scales. Then tied a loop at the ends of the string, so I could hang the garland from a clear hook. I decided not to attach the string with glue, because I’ll probably change-up how the pinecones are used next year.


This snowy pinecone garland is so simple to make.


The mantel decor started with a garland of fresh bay leaves, wool felt pompoms and finished with the pinecone garland. What I like best about this kind of decorating is that I can enjoy it all through January.


Simple decorations for the mantel with bay leaf garland and snowy pinecones.


  Here are 10 ways to decorate with snowy pinecones…

  • Arrange in a bowl with pine branches or glass ornaments
  • Turn into ornaments with a bow on top
  • Make a row of pinecones on the mantle to look like trees
  • Add to an existing pine garland
  • Nestle on top of Christmas tree branches
  • Make a wreath
  • Decorate a holiday table
  • Make a pinecone swag
  • Place at the base of a potted plant to cover the soil
  • Make a garland


Simple mantel with green and white.


Christmas mantel with bay leaf garland and pinecones.

I’m so happy to share my snowy pinecones with you today. Up next will be the Christmas tour. So excited!


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