How to make and style a coffee table tray

How To Make And Style A Coffee Table Tray


Styling  a tray is a fun challenge for me. I have several trays in-use around the house, but not in the family room. I needed an oversized tray for the long coffee table, and decided a crate would do the job. Today I’m sharing with you, how to make and style a coffee table tray.


Wooden crate turned into a coffee table tray.

This is my first project using Fusion Mineral Paint, and I definitely want to use it again. They have a beautiful web site with how-to videos, and information on where to buy their products. The color in the sample pot below is Ash.

My idea for the tray finish was to add just a little bit color to the wood, so I diluted the Fusion Mineral Paint with four parts water to one part paint. After applying the diluted paint with a brush, I immediately wiped off the excess with a cloth.

After the crate dried for a couple of hours, I gave it a light sanding with a sanding sponge to knock off any splinters on the edges. With that, the crate was ready to be used as a tray.




Here’s a photo progression of how I styled the tray by adding a few pieces at a time. The first and largest item placed on the tray is a bamboo bowl with a brass ring accent. It adds structure and a spot to add a bit of greenery. In the center of the bowl I placed an orchid. The new blooms of variegated pink and green, will add a pop of color to the vignette.



Next, I added a vintage book with an olive-green cover and a stack of rope coasters. Thanks to my dog Angus, we’re down to three coasters. If I hide the rest on the tray, I’m sure he won’t find them. 😉



The remaining space on the tray is anchored with a blue and white striped box. The box makes a nice platform for the last two items. I chose a white candle with a clean fresh scent and an interesting looking fossil.


How to make and style a coffee table tray


When I’m styling a tray, I try using a variety of accessories of different sizes and materials. To sum up the materials used on this tray,  we have brass, bamboo, paper, fabric, rope, glass, wax and a fossil.


How to make and style a coffee table tray


There are countless ways to style a tray from vintage to modern. I like mixing things up with a little bit of everything, as if each tray has its own story to tell.


How to make and style a coffee table tray


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How to make and style a coffee table tray


Styling a coffee table tray is not so hard, just add one accessory at a time until you have the look you desire.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I would to love to hear your ideas on how to style a tray!


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