How To Create A Copper Leaf Laurel

Hello, I’m so happy you stopped by today so I can share how to create a copper leaf laurel on book pages with you. Plus I have a tiny sneak peek of my Thanksgiving table. I’ve always had a passion for creating elegant tablescapes for the holidays. Nothing over the top mind you, just simple place settings using what I have, and something handmade to share with guests.

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This year holiday projects are going to be so much better, because I’m using products from A Makers’ Studio including this one. To create a copper leaf laurel, I have a short list of supplies with links for each one. How nice it is to have everything you need in one place without running all over town.

I’ve share gilding projects with you in previous posts such as  Silver Leaf Bowl DIY and Stenciled Pillow Cover. This time instead of using a stencil I’m using a clear rubber stamp. The clear laurel stamps come four to a sheet and four designs.

Old book pages make an interesting back ground for the copper leaf laurel. I had a stack of book pages left over from the post DIY Book Page Table Runner,  and love the way they look with copper leaf.

Supplies for gilding a copper leaf laurel

  • Copper leaf
  • Gilding size
  • Sponge Brush
  • Clear Rubber Stamp Laurels
  • Chip brush
  • Book pages or craft paper

Laurel Rubber Stamps

First, I would suggest working on a piece of cardboard or large piece of paper to protect your work surface from the gilding size.

Then I applied a light coat of gilding size  to the rubber stamp using a sponge brush. Next I pressed the stamp firmly on the book page to transfer the gilding size.

Once the size was applied, I waited about ten minutes then tested the size lightly with a finger to make sure it was slightly sticky or tacky. In gilding terms the size should come to tack.



Holding the edge of the copper leaf book, I pulled back the protective tissue paper to expose the copper leaf then pressed the sheet to the book page covering the size.

It’s important to press firmly through the layers of tissue paper and burnish with the palm of the hand so that the copper leaf firmly adheres to the size.


First prices of copper leaf removed from the book page.



Once the copper leaf was applied I used a chip brush to whisk or sweep away the excess leaf to reveal the laurel design.

I started out making one at time then switch to an assembly line to finish up. There are 25 pages to a book of leaf. Keep that in mind for future projects if you don’t use them all.


Book page with copper leaf detail.


As more  and more of the copper leaf is removed with the chip brush, the details of the stamp design will become more apparent. To me, the best part of the project is seeing that transformation.


Copper leaf laurel on book pages.


Here’s a sneak peek of my Thanksgiving table with the book page copper leaf laurels at each place setting.


Book page copper leaf laurel place setting.


Book page on white plates with copper leaf laurel and an acorn.



Simple book page with a copper leaf laurel and an acorn.

The Thanksgiving table photo shoot is almost complete, and I can’t wait to share the rest with you! Be sure to check back soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you have questions for me, please leave a comment. I love hearing from you.



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  1. Little Yellow Wheelbarrow says:

    The photos for this post are absolutely beautiful Michelle! I just love this project so much. Plus, for I’ve been really crushing on copper lately, so this is right up my alley. So many ideas! Thanks for the inspiration. SOOOO pretty!!!

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