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Headboard Slipcover

Update a bedroom with a simple slipcovered headboard.

The headboard slipcover I made turned out so cute, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. If you’re thinking about updating the look of a bedroom this is a quick solution. Navy ticking stripe fabric was my first choice, because it works with my simple style as well as the patterns in the bedroom. It also has that French cottage appeal that I love so much.


When considering fabrics and patterns don’t forget about stripes. They’re versatile, never seem to go out of style, and can be casual or elegant depending on how they are used. In this bedroom setting, the stripes add to the laid back vibe, but also look very chic.



Headboard Slipcover Supplies

The slipcover is created by sewing three fabric panels together for the width of the headboard, and long enough to cover the front and back. Then each side was finished with an inch hem.



The right side of the slipcover has three straps connecting the front and back. On the opposite side ties securely hold the slipcover in place.

Overall the look of the slipcover is tailored and a wee bit masculine with its snug fit, however the ties added feminine touch. Ties can be double knotted or made into pretty bows.





I’ve used slipcovers for years. They’re great for protecting surfaces, just as you would use a tablecloth. Slipcovers are also the perfect solution for hiding fabric that’s damaged or out of style on upholstered furniture. For more ideas check out the armchair slipcover post.



For our bedroom, the headboard slipcover was made to protect our new purchase from the dogs. When I’m not looking, Sandy and Angus like to jump on the bed for wrestling matches.

When paws start flying, wood gets scratched, and that’s why we can’t have nice things!



Right now, I’m thinking about using the slipcover seasonally and adding more of the Euro style pillows this winter.  Hopefully that will work. The headboard and frame are well made with a lovely finish that we hope to enjoy for years.

Any suggestions for over the bed artwork is welcome. The headboard is 60 inches tall, so I’m having a hard time coming up with something that will look good above that height.


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