Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! The air was very steamy this morning when my wheaten, Sandy and I set out for our walk. Before long I felt like my tongue was hanging out too, but we were quickly dazzled by many of our neighbor’s doors decorated for the 4th with flags waving.

Front porch on the 4th of July

Front porch on the 4th of July

I’m finally sharing how the stars and stripes letter, (I previously posted about in May) looks on my front door. 

Plants with the stars and stripes added

Plants with the stars and stripes added

In addition to the letter, I’m sharing pictures of the house numbers I added to the right side panel. You could say I was little nervous installing the numbers because I didn’t want 19 extra screw holes, that would have to be filled and paint over, if I messed up.  I decided to taped the numbers in place first.  The look was good, so as usual I jumped in with my handy power tool and got busy.

After struggling and not having much success with my Black & Decker, I had to pull out the big guns in order to set the screws. Score one for DeWalt and manly tools!

The front door looks great with its fresh coat of paint, new house number and decorated for the 4th! Love it!



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