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After all these years, The Shining is still one of those movies, I have to be coaxed into watching.  I love suspense but the eerie creepiness of The Shining, to put it mildly, is beyond disturbing.  Redrum!

If I’m going to watch the movie, all the lights in the house must be on and I will curl up on the sofa, so no one can sneak up behind me.  Of course this false sense of security will not save me from the unrelenting pull of the movie’s plot.  Soon, I will find myself in the frigid mountain hotel, looking over Jack’s shoulder, as he incessantly types.


From The Shining "All work and no play..."

From The Shining “All work and no play…”

The chalkboard hangs on the wall by the kitchen and every time I walk by, I feel a little shiver.  Maybe I should wait and watch the movie next year. Haha!

Of course, I have an appreciation for the scary wicked side of Halloween, but my favorite is the witty comical side. I always enjoy coming up with new ideas for the front door.


Halloween Chalk Board, The Witch is In

Halloween Chalk Board, The Witch is In

Last year, I made a sign for the front door from a rustic looking wood tray, I purchased at JoAnn’s. Turning the tray into a chalkboard was simple, I removed the rope handle from one side and painted the interior with Annie Sloane Chalk Paint, Graphite. The remaining handle is perfect to use as a hanger, on the front door. I doubt the trick-or-treaters looked twice at it, although the parents may have enjoy the humor.


Witch's Brew Chalk Board

Witch’s Brew Chalk Board

This year, I decided to change it up, to look like a chalkboard sign you might see at a pub, with “Todays Feature”.  The laser-cut wood “Witch’s Brew” I found at Michael’s is perfect! The orange and green craft paint adds a punch of color and depth to the black and white chalkboard.


Thistle Key Lane Micro Brewery

Thistle Key Lane Micro Brewery


Halloween Chalk Board for the front door

Halloween Chalk Board for the front door

The witch that lives here must have many magical secrets for her bewitching brews!



Michelle || Thistle Key Lane

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