Glitter House Christmas Tree Ornaments

Any elf would be excited to see the shimmer I created with my glitter house Christmas tree ornaments. Follow along to see how you can add a magical spark or glimmer to your Christmas tree with this simple DIY project.

Glitter house on the Christmas tree.


Last year, I was nervous about setting up the Christmas tree early, and apologized to family and friends when they arrived for Thanksgiving thinking everyone would be offended or something. To my surprise, they all thought it was wonderful.


Full view of the tree with white and silver ornaments.


As you can guess a new tradition was started and the tree is already up, which got me moving on creating some new decorations.

Truth be told the holiday season seems to fly by so fast and I just want to hang on to it a wee bit longer. We might as well enjoy all those treasured decorations before packing them away for another year. Right?!


Christmas tree with glitter houses and ornaments.


After spotting some very pretty but overly priced glitter houses at one of my favorite stores, I decided I could make my own. They’re easy to make and better yet, will go with almost any decorating theme.

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Supplies For Glitter Houses

Before you start remember to protect your work surface. I usually use a piece of cardboard or large piece of paper.

First I painted each paper mache house with paint and let dry. You may have to apply two coats for even coverage if using craft paint. I was able to apply one coat with the Rescue Restore Paint which was a big time saver and only had to touch up a few spots before moving on to the next step.

Once the paint was dry I applied Mod Podge with a brush in sections, then sprinkle with glitter working over a plastic bin to catch the glitter.

I continued until all areas were covered with glitter.

After the houses were completely dry, I went over each one with a clean dry brush to remove the excess glitter.


Our tree has lots of space between the branches which allows for large decorations such as the glitter houses, to be nestled on limbs close to the trunk. I used eight of the 6″ paper mache houses on the tree.

Having ornaments at different depths is something to consider when you want to add  interest to the tree.

My snowy pinecones have been repurposed into ornaments this year by attaching a piece of ribbon to the top of each one with hot glue. For details on the snowy effect see the How To Make Snowy Pinecones post.


Snowy pinecone ornaments.


Creating additional sparkle to the tree are traditional mercury glass finials and mercury glass ball ornaments.


Silver, gold and glitter tree ornaments.


Green and black plaid bow on the Christmas tree.


Did you notice I also added a bit of plaid to the tree with bows? I can’t imagine decorating for Christmas without plaid. The black and green plaid bows remind me of taffeta dresses.

Decorating tip: Update  your old ornaments by painting them. A few years ago the candy filled cones were multi colored in purple, orange, green and gold. Spray paint in antique silver gave them a whole new look.


Candy filled silver cones hang on the Christmas tree.


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Glitter house Christmas tree ornament.


I hope you like the glitter houses on the Christmas tree. If you don’t have room on your tree, create a village on your mantel or entry table. More decorating to come!



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  1. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    Michelle I love the look of little houses. I have been looking everywhere and have not seen anything as pretty as these. I am definitely going to copy your idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

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