Fun spring colors added to the bathroom.

Fun Ways To Accessorize A Bathroom

Today I have some fun ways to accessorize a bathroom. Of course I’m keeping in mind, that in many small bathrooms the wall space and counter space is limited. That doesn’t mean we can’t add a few pops of color here and there just for fun.

Fun ways to accessorize a a black and white bathroom.

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This plant will remind you to comb your hair.


How To Accessorize A Bathroom

  • Color
  • Art
  • Plants


Artwork with a since of humor.


Gotta have towels so why not make a splash with solid colors or stripes. The striped towels are a fun touch and remind me of being on the beach. Try mixing your favorite colors to see what combinations you like best.

I’ve learned not to take my artistic talents to seriously. It seems the harder I try the worse I get, so I’m just having fun experimenting with watercolors. The artwork was placed in a bamboo colored frame to coordinate with the bamboo stool by the tub. Mr. Narwhal says hi. 😉


Fun artwork for the bathroom wall.


I like plants in almost every room, so why not the bathroom too. They love humidity.

The ponytail an obvious choice with its vibrant green color was moved in here from another room. The blue container is a Fiestaware mixing bowl which is another way to add color.

If you have difficulty with house plants, try this one. The more it’s ignored, the happier it is.


Strip towels remind me of the beach.


Bathroom counter tray. No clutter here.


Simple accessories and a stool next to the tub.


The finished guest bathroom makeover last month was styled to accent all the white surfaces resulting in a fresh airy space. Overall it was an easy project since all the changes were cosmetic. I’m so happy with the results and as usual kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

In the previous post I piled on the white fully towels, showed off the minimalist hardware and accented with organic elements. I can always go back to the spa look but I’m loving the bathroom with fun spring and summer colors.


Fresh fun way to accessorize the bathroom.

Thank you so much for stopping by while I share my fun ways of accessorizing a bathroom. Hope you have an excellent weekend friends!


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6 thoughts on “Fun Ways To Accessorize A Bathroom

  1. rawsonjl says:

    I am going to have to look into that kind of plant; I do not do well with plants in general but it sounds like my kind of plant. I love all the dark blue against the white! Our bathroom is a light tan and I try to use pops of seafoam and light blue (which also tends to pull colors from our bedroom).

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Your colors sound beautiful! I know what you mean about plants. This one has survived me several years now.

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