Freshening Up The Entry

Time for freshening up the entry. When thinking about updating a stagnate space, I usually shop around my house. It is so much fun to reposition accessories and not have to spend a dime.  The entry should reflect the rest of the house, so why not pull accessories from around the house to enhance the space.

Entry Table Before


First things first, I cleared everything off the table and removed the mirror. Since my goal was to  freshen and lighten up the space, I borrowed an abstract painting from the family room. It’s mostly white with splotches of blue, yellow and orange. It’s also the right scale for the space, anything smaller would look lost.


New Look For Entry Table


The brown and navy scenic lamp was replaced with the metal lamp from the guest room.


Golden Linen Book Cover


Linen book covers were made for the wine and firearms books. A great combination for casual reading, don’t you think? The books and lamp were anchored on the large tray which has the same color yellow as the linen cover and in the painting. To see my previous post on book covers click [here].




Linen Book Covers


Right View Of Entry Table


The lantern, return to its prominent place to display the sea shells and the whale vertebra collected during my last trip to Florida. Seeing a small collection like this is a great reminder of how much I enjoyed that weekend.


Display of sea shells and whale vertebra in the lantern


The stripped boxes were on the family room coffee table. I think they add a lively  element of fun to the table.


Striped Boxes


Left View Of Entry Table


Under the table I added the pony tail plant nestled next to the vintage looking olive bucket. The wee Angus pup is usually running by this area too fast to notice anything different. When he does, I may have to move the plant to a safer spot.


Pony Tail


Updated Entry


Side View Of Entry Table


The space is now light and airy.  Perfect for welcoming guest. Let me know what you think about freshening up the entry.




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