Easy Fall Tablescape

This is a super easy fall tablescape with fun stripes for a hint of color and flowers for the centerpiece. Getting the family together for a meal isn’t easy with fall activities, so when you do, just keep it simple.

Simple and easy fall tablescape


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Easy Fall Tablescape With Flowers

I would love to say I have flowers on the table all the time, but most of the time the centerpiece is a large bowl of salad. We also try to save room for a couple bottles of wine.


Easy fall tablescape with wine on the table.


I do make an effort for special occasions or guests. Yellow roses are my daughter’s favorite, so I couldn’t pass these up sweet blooms, and what a pretty arrangement they make.



It seems like I never have the right kind of vase when I need one. After arranging the flowers in a short round vase I decided stems were too messing looking.

My solution was hiding the stems by wrapping a strip of linen fabric around the vase. A simple cotton string holds it in place and now the focus stays on the flowers. Here are some more ways to hide stems or if you want to change the look of a vase.

  • Wrap a large green leaf around the inside of vase
  • Use lemon or orange slices
  • Place vase in a basket, terra cotta pot or box
  • Tie burlap ribbon around the vase
  • Place vase in a paper bag and roll down the top


Easy fall tablescape with a yellow rose centerpiece.


Another natural element on the table are the round jute placemats. I love adding that extra layer to the table and that beautiful texture is perfect any time of year.



Easy fall tablescape.


White Dishes And Kitchen Towels

One advantage of having classic white dishes is the ability to dress them up or keep the table casual. I like mixing in additional pieces too, like the soup bowls even though they are a different brand.

Sometimes I love using kitchen towels instead of cloth napkins, depending on what I’m serving for dinner. These fall colored stripes are so fun and each one is a little different.


Easy fall tablescape with fun napkins and flowers.


Here are some pumpkin colored kitchen towels I’ve had my eye on. Did you know, buying kitchen towels in a set can be less expensive than buying cloth napkins? Food for thought! 😉

I must confess I have a thing for cloth napkins and kitchen towels. It’s almost impossible for me to pass them up when I see them in a clearance bin. In fact they’re hard to pass up when not on sale. Most definitely a weakness of mine.

The last addition, grilled bread slices in the soup bowls will no doubt make everyones stomachs rumble.  I love it when everyone comes to the table with a healthy appetite.


Easy fall tablescape with white dishes.


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Easy fall tablescape with autumn colors and flowers.


Yellow rose flower arrangement.


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  1. barbaramantelandtablecom says:

    So beautiful – I love your yellow roses! And what great ideas with the kitchen towels and wrapping the vase – you’re so creative! 💛 Thanks for sharing all the goodness! 🙂

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