Dessert or Salad You Decide

Some recipes are meant to be treasured. The Frozen Strawberry Salad recipe was given to me at a recipe shower, by my 4th grade teacher.   It’s no surprise it has been a favorite for years.

Silicone liners for Frozen Strawberry Salad

Silicone liners for Frozen Strawberry Salad

My suggestion is to use foil cupcake liners for easy single servings and  freezer storage, just in case you have left overs. (Foil liners are easier to remove than paper liners.) Even better are  silicone cupcake liners.  I found these at the grocery store.  Fun bright colors for summer!

I have faithfully followed the recipe below.  However some ingredients can be upgraded, such as real whipped cream instead of Cool Whip or fresh strawberries instead of frozen.

Serve on a plate or footed bowls

Serve on a plate or footed bowls

Frozen Strawberry Salad (or dessert)

  • 1 – 8 oz. cream cheese softened
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 – 10 oz. pkg. frozen strawberries sliced
  • 1 –  8 oz. can crushed pineapple
  • 2 bananas sliced
  • ½ cup chopped pecans
  • 1 container Cool Whip

Combine all ingredients and fold the cool whip or whipped cream last.  Mix well and freeze.  The recipe will fill up 12 cupcake liners if you pile it high.

For this recipe I  used ½ pint whipping cream instead of the Cool Whip.

Frozen Strawberry Salad

Frozen Strawberry Salad

Before serving remove from freezer and let stand for about 30-40 minutes. I made this recipe a few days ago and by the time I got around to taking pictures they were half gone!  Someone likes them!



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