Decorating With Poinsettias

Funny how my feelings about decorating for Christmas have become a bit more old-fashioned the last few years. My style is very simple, so all that bling doesn’t seem necessary any longer. On the other hand my appreciation of natural elements has grown. That’s probably why I love decorating with poinsettias so much.

Poinsettia arrangement on a coffee table.


Decorating With Poinsettias

Poinsettias have a classic beauty I look forward to every year. The most popular color is the traditional red, but I always look for the speckled or variegated ones with lots of personality.

For some reason red doesn’t go well in our home. I’m guessing it’s the orange tones of the wood floor that make red look unappealing, so I use it sparingly.


Poinsettia arrangement in a French tin box.


This year I arranged two poinsettia plants with dark pink and yellow leaves, in a vintage looking tin box from a local gift shop. Then I added fresh cypress and cedar branches inserting them into the soil.

Adding greenery is such an easy way to turn a simple poinsettia into festive arrangement, plus the fresh aroma of the greenery really brings the outdoors in. For more ideas on greenery see Simple Ideas For Christmas Mantels.


Poinsettia arrangement and a view of the room.


Like any floral arrangement make sure it looks good from all sides, unless it’s displayed where the back is not visible.

The greenery should last for a several weeks, as long as the the plants don’t become too dry.

There are so many ways to display a potted poinsettia that might be a bit more attractive than a plastic sleeve. See which of these ideas will work in your home.

Need Ideas For Containers?

  • buckets big or small
  • baskets round or square
  • wood wine crates
  • round wood cheese boxes
  • wooden bowls
  • terracotta pots
  • dough bowls
  • Ceramic bowls

Depending on the container you pick you might want to line the interior with plastic or foil to protect the surface.


Top view of poinsettia, candles and books.


For an elegant display, wrap fabric such as burlap around the plastic container to hide it from view, then secure the fabric by tying twine or ribbon around the outside.

The French inspired tin box I used was a little too deep for the poinsettias, so I created a platform inside with an empty cardboard box, then placed the plants on top. No one will know except you and me. 😉


Poinsettia on coffee table with fireplace in back ground.


Did you see Sandy my little photo bomber? Haha, I thought she was taking a nap on the sofa and didn’t see her sweet face until I edited the photo.

Here’s a tip: Did you know you can also decorate with poinsettia stems? Remove broken stems and cauterize the base of the stem using a lighter, then place it in a vase of water. They look so pretty mixed with other flowers or in a simple bud vase. I’ve had them last up to a month. Just remember to replace the water every few of days.


Coffee table with poinsettia, books, candles and bottle.


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Poinsettias with candles and books.


Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying your holiday season to its fullest. By the way what’s your favorite color poinsettia?



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