Paint and stencils! Think of the possibilities!

Creating Art With Stencils and Chalk Paint

I never would have guessed that I could have so much fun creating art with stencils and chalk paint. Today I’m sharing three examples of how you can use stencils for instant wall art. 

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I mentioned in a previous posts that I’m a maker with A Makers’ Studio by Amy Howard. That means I get to try out all the products, and show you how to create fun projects for your home by using those same products. I will provide links as I go through today’s projects, but if you want to shop on your own just go to A Makers’ Studio and browse.

Use the stencil on a chalkboard. #chalkboardart #chalkartpaint #stencilart


Chalkboard With Stencil And Chalkart Paint

I created my first masterpiece by centering a Nature mesh stencil on the chalkboard. The stencil has a light adhesive on the back which helps keep it in place. Then using a Chalkart spreader I worked the Chalkart paint through the mesh stencil.

I used four colors: Peace & Joy, Summer Melon, Hey Good Lookin and Morning Glory.

Once the Chalkart paint is applied, the stencil is removed and the paint image is complete. The paint should be dry in about 15 minutes. Chalkart paint is water based and not permanent. It can be removed from the chalkboard with a wet paper towel or cloth when you are ready to change the look.

The mesh stencil can be reused by carefully washing the paint off with water.


Like magic when the stencil is removed the paint remains.


I’ve had this chalkboard for years and change it up seasonally. What I love about using a stencil is that I can produce professional looking designs within minutes.

This is an easy project, especially if you already have a chalkboard painted on a cabinet, wall or door.


Finished chalkboard art from a stencil. #chalkart #amakersstudio #stencils


Make Your Own Chalkboard With Paint

By taking a standard white 8×10 frame, removing the glass and by painting the frame board backing with Rescue Restore Paint, you have an instant chalkboard! I used the color Little Black Dress to create a classic blackboard.


Stensils and paints from A Makers' Studio. #chalkboardart #chalkartpaint #stencilart


I combined part of the Wreath Trio Country stencil and a stencil I received at the Haven conference when I attended a workshop with Amy Howard.  The Chalkart paint was applied with a spreader just like the first project and then the stencil was removed to reveal another masterpiece.

The home stencil is not available on the website but I wanted to show you how parts of different stencils can be used for a unique look.

Note: If you want something other than the classic blackboard then use one of the other Rescue Restore paints colors.


Stencil with paint applied with a spreader.


To get the cloudy chalkboard look I used the flat side of a piece of chalk to shade the background and smeared it with my fingers.


Home stencil with flowers.


Create A Stenciled Sign

The third masterpiece was made with an alphabet stencil and Chalkart paint in Peace & Joy. The letters can be arranged to spell any message. I’m thinking the alphabet stencil is going to get used a lot.


Hello fall mini chalk board. So cute!


Hello fall chalk board. #chalkboardart #chalkartpaint #stencilart

Think about how cute a chalkboard sign would be as a gift especially when it is personalized. The combinations are endless.

Thanks for letting me share my latest little projects with you. Be sure to check back soon because I have a silver leaf project in the works.


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16 thoughts on “Creating Art With Stencils and Chalk Paint

  1. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    Michelle these are all do beautifully done. And I bet it must have been so easy with the stencil. I need to try this.

  2. Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal says:

    Cute idea, Michelle! I love easy projects and you’ve inspired me… I don’t have our table saw here but we do have a very few tools with us {hand saw, Ryobi drill and it’s bag of small saws}. I’d been thinking of creating two tall but thin chalkboards and I think they’d be perfect in my little window nook area alongside the main window! {Thinking for fall sayings and Christmas especially!} Pinned for you. <3

    So glad fall is coming! On a craft roll… 😉
    Barb 🙂

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by Barb. I’m getting ready to start another project with the stencils. More to come! Happy Fall!

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