Blizzard Vacation

Weeks ago, while planning our New Mexico mountain vacation, we were hoping to see a few snow flakes.  That was long before the blizzard named Goliath became headline news.


The Lodge early 1900s

We stayed at The Lodge Resort in Cloudcroft, New Mexico which dates back to the early 1900s. The Lodge’s elevation sits at about 8800 feet, with beautiful mountain views to the west of White Sands and the Sacramento Mountains.  The rustic Victorian decor of The Lodge has a laid back and cozy feel.  Greeting guest in the lobby was a gorgeous rock fireplace with a gleaming copper hood.


The Lodge


Old Switchboard at The Lodge

The Lodge still displays the charming old switchboard at the front desk.

The Lodge during the blizzard

The dinning room at The Lodge had a beautiful view of the snowy landscape.

The first morning of our vacation, we were up before sunrise and anxious for some sight-seeing.  We headed north to Ruidoso, driving through part of the Lincoln National Forest and the Mescalero Apache Reservation. Our first stop was The Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino. While the husband tried his luck in the casino (a lost cause), I enjoyed snapping photos of the resort. The sculptures in front of the hotel were realistically beautiful and intimidating. As I was snapping photos of the sculpture, I could feel the warm sunrise on my back. Then I noticed the dark blue snow clouds approaching quickly. The feeling of impending doom sent me inside to preoccupy my time admiring the resorts unique art, and the huge fountain painted to look like a colorful Indian woven basket.

Mescalero Apache Sculpture


Inn of the Mountain Gods


Inn of the Mountain Gods Art Display


Indian Basket Fountain


View of Fountain Inn of the Mountain Gods


Continuing our adventure to Ruidoso, we decided to drive up to Ski Apache on the Sierra Blanca Peak. The mountain was simply breathtaking until the blizzard hit. I’m betting skiers and snowboarders were very, very happy with the 36 inches of snow reported overnight. We didn’t have the appropriate gear for outdoor sports (haha as if), and headed back down the mountain.

Normally, I would be wandering through all the art galleries and admiring the hand crafted turquoise Indian jewelry in Ruidoso, but our attention was on the blizzard and of course I was hungry. When am I not!


Chairlift running at Ski Apache


Gondola running


Driving back from Ski Apache


Scenic drive


By the time we got back to Cloudcroft, the snow storm was in full force. No fear, the biting wind and snow was not going to prevent me from heading into The Western Bar and Cafe for a tall draft beer. The Western still serves the best green chili cheese burgers I have ever had, and talk about great atmosphere. The rustic cave like bar never changes, and that’s why I love it. To even contemplate dusting the paraphernalia over the bar would be considered a sin.


Ceiling at The Western Bar

The ceiling over the bar is covered in dollar bills with loyal patron’s names, including  a dollar bill with my name. Amazing how brave I become after a few beers!

The Bar at The Western, Cloudcroft, NM


The Western Bar and Cafe

As in years past the bar is warm, inviting and always entertaining.

Back at The Lodge, we heard some of the rooms  were without heat, although our room was very cozy. Just kidding. I snapped this photo while exploring the tower. The 50 mph winds rattled the old window frames forcing snow into the tiny room. Burr!


Cozy spot inside the tower


Inside the tower at The Lodge


My trip to New Mexico was quite the adventure. No need to add a blizzard to my bucket list, because now I know first hand what it’s like to be surrounded by one.


Blizzard Conditions at The Lodge


Blizzard conditions forced us indoors for long hours of snoozing and hibernating. 

View from The Lodge


Blizzard Goliath

Every adventure is what you make of it!


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