Baby Room Organizing And Decor

If you are wondering what’s been occupying my time the last couple of weeks, I’ll give you one guess. That’s right, baby room organizing and decor projects. I can’t take credit for the whole room, but I did have fun adding a few decorating and organizing solutions. 

In case you missed my little announcement on IG or the Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas post, you may not know that I’m a grandmother now and excited beyond words.

The new parents have been very busy the last month with their baby boy, so on my last visit I helped with some reorganizing in the nursery. It didn’t need much, just a bit of tweaking here and there.

Baby Room Furniture

Because their home is a rental and the new parents are planning to relocate in a year, they kept the furniture purchases to a minimum.


White baby bed with safari animal quilt.

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Their practical choices included a Mid-century white convertible crib as well as a handsome charcoal brushed dresser. With the removable changing pad tray, the dresser can be used for many years to come.

The full-sized dresser has lots of storage space to hold diaper supplies and clothes within easy reach.


 Bicycle blueprint chart over dresser.


Organizing The Closet

The generous supply of diapers in a variety of sizes, was moved to the top shelf along with plastic bins of clothes the baby has already outgrown. I forgot how fast babies grow!



There’s at least three feet of vertical space on the top shelf, so boxes and bins are stacked to the ceiling, creating room for storage on the middle shelf and closet floor.



The middle shelf now has two striped fabric bins which conceal miscellaneous items such as diaper pail inserts, leaving plenty of room above to hang clothes.


Baby clothes, book and storage bin in closet.


On the closet floor, snuggle blankets are stacked in round fabric bins which can also be used for towels or toys.

Helpful tip – Be sure to take advantage of wall space.  On the inside of the closet on each side of the door are lots of wall hooks to hold backpacks and travel gear. (Sorry no photos.)

Organizing Books And Toys

Baby toys are stashed in a cute llama basket, a darling gift that unfortunately I can’t take credit for but wish I could.


Llama basket with toys.


This baby has a great start on his library. Most of the books were gifts from family and friends at the baby shower I mentioned.

A small book shelf with storage bin holds a good portion of books and doesn’t take up much space in the little room.


Brown wooden chair and book shelf.


Baby Room Wall Decor

If you follow me on IG you may have noticed the animal watercolors I shared, but now we have a new addition to the gallery wall with the alligator head mount. This harmless snaggeltooth alligator really steals the show.

The photo ledges are handy for displaying animal artwork that coordinate with the cute safari bedding.


Framed animal watercolors and alligator head mount.


I love the idea of displaying art that the baby will grown into, such as the bicycle blueprint chart over the dresser. It’s good to have educational decor in the mix.

One of my favorite additions in the room are the tiny succulent plants on mini ledges. Can’t take credit for these either. Totally the little mom’s idea.


Mini succulent plants on white ledges.


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Next time I visit, I’ll have to find more things to organize and photograph. As long as I’m working on the baby room, I don’t have to change diapers. It’s a win-win!



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14 thoughts on “Baby Room Organizing And Decor

  1. Julie Briones says:

    Did you paint those prints? They are SO cute! My kids’ nursery was done in a safari theme, as well… and looked VERY similar to these animated characters. At the time, my parents and I owned/ran a ceramic studio that manufactured baby nursery lamps and accessories to go with the hottest bedding sets on the market. I LOVED my safari baby lamp. And, I LOVE how you and your daughter have made a rental baby nursery so cozy and lovely!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Julie! Yes I did paint the watercolor animals. It was a tall order but I came through with six instead of four. Sometimes we have to go above and beyond for our best customers. 😉 That’s so cool about your ceramic studio/business. I bet you made some darling products.

  2. Crissy @ First Day of Home says:

    I thought I had stopped by here previously, but I must’ve seen your watercolors on IG. You are so talented! Congrats on becoming a grandmother! You’ve done a wonderful job helping them with the nursery. Everything looks so sweet and comforting. One of the best parts of blogging is weaving your real life milestones into the stories you tell.

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