A Mother’s Treasure

On Mother’s Day I made something very special.  I framed in shadow boxes, thank you notes written by my daughter after her wedding.    Andrea wrote a thank you note to her dad expressing in her words, “your love and support in that moment meant the world to me”.  The note to me was just as special, she wrote, “I couldn’t be more grateful to have you as my mom”.  I still wonder every day how I raised such an amazing daughter.

The frames I purchased were already painted white so I added some acid free craft paper to the inside background and the inside edge.  Then I centered the notes and envelopes and mounted them with acid free sticky squares. I included the envelopes in order to display the post mark date and pretty stamps. The project was easy and quickly came together.

At the wedding each guest received an anchor bottle opener wrapped in a cute box as a thank you from the bride and groom.  I decided to included an anchor with a string attached in each shadow box with the thank you note.

Shadow box display

Shadow box display

To me the letters are a sincere treasure and beautifully penned. Of course, I don’t have to be reminded that every day is Mother’s Day!

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