Pretty displays with baskets

Media Cabinet With Storage Potential

I’m usually pretty observant when it comes to decorating and storage opportunities. However, the media cabinet with storage potential was a total miss. Staring me in the face were shelves with only a few stacks of books. What’s even more ridiculous was that I had not updated the shelves, other than swapping out books, since we bought the media cabinet and flat screen TV a few years ago.


Media cabinet with books

How to create storage in one easy step.


In one easy step, I created storage by adding baskets. I  filled two baskets with a bunch of candles and holders that were taking up space in one of my kitchen cabinets, and all it took was a few minutes of organizing.

Do have DVDs, games, magazines or photos that are getting out of control. If so, find the right kind of bin or basket for storage.


Why I pick these baskets:

  • Deep enough to hide contents
  • Wide enough to spread contents for a visual search
  • Natural woven material
  • Soft structure for a casual look
  • Light in color for a warm contrast with dark shelves


Media cabinet with storage.


When the doors of the media cabinet are closed, the contents of the baskets are not visible. If I were adding storage containers to open shelves, I would probably choose bins or baskets with a lid.

Remember to shop your house for items to use as accessories. The huge flint rock which is now used as a book end, had a previous life as a tool.


Display books in a media cabinet.


Here’s a tip! If you have books that don’t necessarily look pretty on display, cover them with fabric or paper. On this shelf I have books covered with denim and linen fabric remnants. For the tutorial, click on my post Book Covers.


Media cabinet with room for displays.


The overall look is simple and clean, with generous space for seasonal touches.


Fossil and book display in a media cabinet.


Media cabinet with room for storage.


Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope I have given you some ideas on finding storage opportunities you may have missed. It’s time I get back in the kitchen and finish those cabinets I was reorganizing.



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