A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Gallery walls are like thumb prints.  Everyone has their own unique style or taste and no two are just alike. Designing a gallery wall may seem intimidating, but if you’re creating one from the things you love, then there’s no right or wrong.

The gallery wall in my studio started small with two photo ledges I purchased from Pottery Barn, a wood sign quote, prints and odds and ends.


Gallery wall starting point


Now the gallery wall is starting to take shape and becoming a little more interesting with the addition of vacation photos, watercolor prints, clipboards for art projects and a vintage book.


Gallery Wall Photos and Watercolor


What I like best about the gallery wall is that it has room to grow. I can add art work and photos above and below the shelf line as they are collected.  The photo ledge also allow me to switch things around as the seasons change.


Gallery Wall With Room To Grow


Two beautiful examples of gallery walls below, were created by Pottery Barn. The overlay of art in various sizes adds dimension and depth for an interesting display. In time I hope my wall will resemble something like this, as I collect new quotes to display and photography from artist I admire.


Pottery Barn gallery wall with Holman Ledges


Pottery Barn gallery wall with Holman Ledges


By using a photo ledge, your gallery wall can display a unique variety of memorabilia. I decided to add a vintage book, because I loved the art deco cover of the sweet characters, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. It’s fun to have an assortment of new and old pieces mixed together that have special meanings or stories behind them. Eventually, I’ll mount the book in a shadow box, but for now I love having it close enough to admire.


Children's book on display


On one end of the gallery wall I have a miniature collection from my childhood. From time to time I still add to the collection, such as the wee plaid dog on top from my trip to Scotland. I still laugh at the whimsical things I treasured as a kid. I guess you could say it reminds me to keep my sense of humor.


Gallery wall with miniatures in a crate


As you decorate your little corner of the world make it a happy place. It can be cherished memories from childhood or dreams of adventures yet to come. As long as it is a reflection of you, others will admire too.


Gallery Wall Photo


A few months ago I had a short post on the artwork I’m selling through Society6. Since then, I’ve had a number of friends asking me about their products. I was curious too and ordered several items so I could review the quality of their products first hand.

One of my favorite items ordered is the photo of a highland cow printed on a metal plate. The image has a rich glossy finish and sharp details. The metal plate is mounted on a wood frame which allows it to stand out from the wall. If you are looking for a unique gift or something for yourself then I would highly recommend art work printed on metal plates.


Gallery Wall Photos and Watercolor


In addition to the metal plate photo, I also ordered a pillow, a coffee mug and a notebook. To my delight the images look as good in person as they did online. Good to know!


Pillow from Society6


Mug from Society6


Notebook from Society6


Thank you for letting me share my opinions on Society6 and my thoughts on gallery walls.  I hope you have a great week ahead!



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