Mixing Patterns And Fabrics

Mixing Patters

I would never say, that I’m a pro at mixing patterns in decor. That’s why I love shopping at stores such as Pottery Barn. Their designers make someone like me, look like I know what I’m doing.

My plan for the weekend, was to make throw pillows to coordinate with the new paisley patterned quilt and shams, I just purchased. To my disappointment, none of the fabrics I had in my cache were the right scale or color.

So back I went to Pottery Barn to pick out pillow covers. My decorating attempts were redeemed when I found a small honeycomb design in navy, and a large paisley print on a white background.


Mixing Patterns And Fabrics



Adding to the mix above, I remembered a linen tablecloth I had stashed away. The geometric windowpane was the right scale, plus the blue and white color blends in with the colors of the paisley print.

Occasionally, I snatch up tablecloths when I find them in a clearance bin. They can be used for so much more than accessorizing a table, such as a no sew window treatment or shower curtain. This one will be used across the foot of the bed to protect the quilt, since that’s where the dogs like to sleep.


Mixing Patterns And Fabrics


When I’m decorating a living space, I like to start with four or five fabrics, mixing patterns with solid colors.  I’ve learned from years of watching HGTV, that patterns can be divided into three categories:

  • Geometric patterns such as stripes, checks, plaids, chevron or houndstooth
  • Organic designs such as floral and paisley
  • Small scale prints which can be anything

Picking fabrics from each category is a simple formula to follow as long as you pay attention to scale and color.


Mixing Pattern And Fabrics


Mixing Patterns And Fabrics


Mixing Pattern And Fabrics


The ticking stripe also works well with the paisley design because it’s a geometric pattern and in the same blue color family.


Mixing Pattern And Fabrics


It would be nice if our bed were made up everyday, but realistically the weekend look is a little more relaxed.


Mixing Pattern And Fabrics


I love the combination of fabrics on the bed and how it all came together. The next pattern mixing challenge will be in the living room, so be sure and check back.

I’m still learning new ways of mixing patterns and so can you.  Next time you decorate a living space, think about how many patterns you can incorporate with your favorite colors using the simple formula I mentioned. I’m betting it will turn out great. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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