House Plants and Succulents

Succulents and House Plants

Succulents seem to be taking over. You see them everywhere, real and faux. So what’s all the fuss about? After buying these four tiny succulents, I’ve figured it out. They’re carefree, adorable and quirky. Hopefully they will be easy to grow as well. From what I’ve read, they require well-drained soil and only occasional watering. I can do this!



Succulents and House PlantsThe best tutorial I have read is from Southern Living, How to plant succulents in containers. The article explains how to mix gravel in with the soil for good drainage and other suggestions on preventing root rot. Depending on the type of container you choose, the Southern Living article is an excellent reference.

For this project, I’m using a rusty, blue and white enamel colander. It will allow for good drainage, so I skipped the gravel and just used Miracle-Gro potting soil. To keep the soil from washing out of the holes, I bought a hanging basket liner made from coconut coir.


House Plants and Succulents


First, I cut the liner down to the size of the colander, and then made three cuts about two-thirds of the distance to the center. The cuts allow the liner to overlap and fit snug into the container.

House Plants and Succulents

House Plants and Succulents


Once the liner was in place, I added potting soil and the succulents. I’m thinking about buying one more plant for the center. Yep, I’m smitten with these little creatures. What’s not to love with nicknames like String of Buttons, Baby Toes, Cocoa and Cocoon.


Succulents and House Plants



Succulents and House Plants


My other house plants are on the same level as the succulents, requiring very little care. If you are shopping for house plants, I would suggest the ponytail palm which is an easy plant to maintain.  Depending on the size of the plant, most require about a half cup to a cup of water every two weeks. The blue Fiesta Ware bowl does not have a drainage hole. Instead it has four inches of rocks covering the bottom, so the roots don’t sit in water.


Ponytail Palm - House Plants and Succulents


The orchid is another one of my favorite plants which requires little attention. Just two ice cubes once a week and it seems to be very happy. It sits on the coffee table tray featured in post a couple of weeks ago, and now has three more blooms! Just had to show if off again.


Orchid - House Plants and Succulents


The maiden-hair fern, along with the succulents, is a new addition to my house plant collection. It only requires medium light, which will be perfect for the entry table. It has an airy elegance with delicate green leaves.


Maiden Hair Fern - House Plants and Succulents


Maiden Hair Fern - House Plants and Succulents


Spring is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in with house plants. There are so many easy succulent and house plant options to choose from, so start with a just few, and see how they like your living space.



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