Bar Stools With A New Finish

Bar Stools With A New Finish

When decorating a room, it can be a challenge to find the right balance with paint colors, fabrics, and accessories. Updating our bar stools with a new finish, is a good example of how I’m creating that balance in our decor.


Bar Stools With A New Finish


One of my favorite purchases from Crate and Barrel over the years, have been these bar stools. They are used and abused daily and have held up beautifully.  I never would have considered changing the finish, but after the navy accent wall took center stage, it seemed like the right course of action.


Bar Stools From Crate and Barrel


Spray painting was my obvious choice since I wanted a smooth finish. I selected Rust-Oleum spray paint in flat antique nickel, and was delighted with the results. This is without a doubt the best finish I have ever achieved using any brand of spray paint. The finish on the bar stools looks as if it was professionally applied. Maybe the secret is simply the easy to use spray nozzle, whatever it is, I love it!


Rust-Oleum Antique Nickel on bar stools


The spray painting project from start to finish only took a couple of hours. I estimated about one can per bar stool, buying one extra just in case. There are always going to be those hard to see areas that sneak up on you, and I was glad I had an extra can of spray paint for additional coverage.

My best advice before spray painting:  Read the manufacturers directions, cover the floor or ground with some type of drop cloth, make sure you have adequate ventilation, and wear safety gear. A mask and safety glasses should be part of your essential equipment.


Bar Stools With A New Finish


When starting a project like this one there’s always that moment of hesitation not wanting to boggle the whole thing. If you are thinking about a spray painting project, I would highly recommend Rust-Oleum.

From every angle, you can see how evenly the Rust-Oleum spray paint went on. 


Bar Stools With A New Finish


Crate and Barrel still carry the bar stools in black as well as a gun-metal finish that is gorgeous. My bar stool makeover may not be factory fresh, but I would say this is one of my better upcycled projects.


Bar Stools With A New Finish



Bar Stools With A New Finish


The new finish on the bar stools has the same industrial feel as the framed chalk board on the right, and creates a better balance of color for this wall.


Bar Stools With A New Finish


What is the definition of a successful upcycle project? To me it’s having something good and making it great by taking it one step further. The bar stools have been one of my favorite furniture additions and now with the new finish, I love them even more.



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6 thoughts on “Bar Stools With A New Finish

  1. Meg | Hello Farmhouse says:

    These look great! And I love how they look against that beautiful navy color! I’ve used that antique nickel and it’s such a great finish.


  2. Lili says:

    I need these barstools if anyone has any they want to sell to me. LOL. Michelle, I am glad you shared this, now I know I can indeed paint the back of my island navy and it will look as amazing as yours.


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