Quick decorating ideas for Halloween.

Ideas for Halloween Decorating

Do you need some last-minute ideas for Halloween decorating?


Quick decorating for Halloween.


Just mix a few things in with your everyday decor, as if it’s completely normal to have a jar of eyeballs, scare sauce and vampire viskey on the entry table.


Quick decorating for Halloween.


The bats enjoy hanging out here too, which can be a bit annoying at times but that’s alright…tis the season.


Quick decorating for Halloween.


The bats are left over from last year’s garland which have mini clothes pins attached to the backs. See the details in Going Batty.


Quick decorating for Halloween.


A small collection of skeleton keys were added to the Halloween display. Remember whatever the occasion, collections have the most impact when displayed as a group. So gather your skulls, spiders or voodoo dolls and group them together.


Quick decorating for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!



Ideas for Halloween Decorating was first published on Thistle Key Lane™


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