Creating a fall arrangement

Creating A Fall Arrangement

As soon as I spotted this adorable Jacques Pépin chicken pitcher at Sur La Table, I had visions of  flowers popping out of the top.  I snatched it up as if it were the last one in existence and couldn’t wait to use the pitcher to create a fall arrangement.

The challenge was getting fresh flowers home without wilting in temperatures over 95.  Finally, last weekend I had the opportunity to buy flowers while grocery shopping.  Once at home, I collected different items from around the house such as a metal tray, books, twig pumpkins, dried figs, antlers, and fall leaves. I knew I might not use all of these items, but I like experimenting with different elements until I have an eye pleasing arrangement.


Creating A Fall Arrangement


To elevate the pitcher on the tray I used the two blue books, then I wedged the ticking covered book between the pitcher and the striped pumpkin. For balance, I added the two twig pumpkins. Yellow and green leaves were tucked into place for fall color.


Creating A Fall Arrangement


Creating A Fall Arrangement


When arranging a variety of flowers, the only rule I follow is bunching like varieties together.  I started by adding the largest flowers first which were the white stock; two on one side and three on the other.

Next I added the mini green hydrangea for height and trachillium as a green filler. The tomato red Gerber daisies anchor the arrangement while the yellow pompom looking flowers called craspedia are the accent.


Creating A Fall Arrangement


Creating A Fall Arrangement





After placing the arrangement on the kitchen table I made a few small adjustments and shortened the yellow craspedia which were too tall. Remember when creating a table arrangement it should look interesting from all sides.


Creating A Fall Arrangement


I love using trays in my decor. To see details of the painted tray using Amy Howard One Step Paint, click on, “How To Paint A Metal Tray”.


Creating A Fall Arrangement


The same flower arrangement looks pretty in a simple white pitcher as well. Either one would work in my kitchen, however the Jacques Pépin’s pitcher brings back great memories of watching the PBS cooking shows that he and Julia Child hosted together. Say it with me …”bon appétit!” Turns out Jacques Pépin in addition to being a renowned chef is also a very talented artist, giving us one more reason to love him.


Creating A Fall Arrangement


Be sure and leave a comment, I would love to hear about your fall arrangements!



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