Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches, could be one of the best foodie creations, I’ve shared in a post.  They are made simply with Lotus Biscoff cookies and Talenti Gelato. Easy to make ahead and a great summertime dessert to serve to your guest.


  • Talenti Gelato – Tahitian Vanilla Bean or take it a step further with Coffee Chocolate Chip
  • Lotus Biscoff Cookies

The Lotus Biscoff label states, “Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee”, and I agree it must be true.




The game plan when making ice cream sandwiches, is to assemble them as quick as possible, and pop them in the freezer. To speed up the process, lay out the cookies in an assembly line fashion. Also have a container to freeze them in, and parchment paper for layering the sandwiches at the ready.



Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato


Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Coffee Chocolate Chip gelato are both great flavors for ice cream sandwiches. Try different combinations to see what you can create.



Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches With Getato


Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches


Lotus Biscoff Makes Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches


They may be mini in size, but sure to be a huge hit for snack time or dessert.


Best Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches




Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches with Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato


Taking photos for the post proved challenging, because basically, ice cream melts. Haha I kept running back and forth to the freezer with the ice cream sandwiches. Thank goodness, that wasn’t caught on video. (Note to self – crank the A/C down to 50° before setting up a photo shoot with ice cream.)   😉


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