Keds Review and Inspiration

Design inspiration from Keds?  When they are Kate Spade Keds, it’s no surprise!  I’m really enthusiastic about plaid this year, which explains why I’m noticing it everywhere. I’m not known to be an impulsive buyer but I couldn’t ignore the immediate urge to order on-line, when I spotted the plaid Keds. It was as if Kate Spade herself said, “Hi Michelle, I designed these with you in mind. Enjoy!”  Thank you, Kate!


Kate Spade Keds

Kate Spade Keds

The X Kate Spade New York Triple Decker Keds are very comfortable to wear. Triple decker refers to the depth of the sole. I have several double decker slip-on styles and love the triple decker style as well.  I’m still a Keds kind a girl at heart, and wear them with shorts or jeans all the time.  These may just be my favorite to date. I have cautiously worn them a couple of times, although the first time I get a spot on the toe, I’ll be whimpering in agony.  I should order the red and black plaid too, without hesitation!

When I mentioned design inspiration, I was thinking about painting Kate Spade’s plaid. The first thing I could get my hands on to paint, was my daughter’s old step stool I found in the attic. No worries. She loves Kate Spade as well.

Step stool before

Step stool before


So cute in the guest bath

So cute in the guest bath


The plaid created on the step stool has an impressionism feel of the Kate Spade design.



I used Annie Sloane Chalk Paint to create the look, using Old White, Paris Grey, Graphite and Old Ochre.  In order to get the lighter shade for the diagonal brush strokes, I mixed equal parts of Paris Grey with the Graphite.

One of the brilliant features of the chalk paint is the ability to build up texture and depth. The brush strokes going across the top created groves for the paint to settle into. Then by sanding the paint layer by layer, the character took shape. I never really know how one of my projects will look until I’m finished.  In a couple of spots I re-applied the paint, where I sanded too aggressively. The point to my ramblings is to not worry about perfection, just play, have fun and work on your project until you’re happy with the results.


Step stool with Kate Spade inspired plaid

Step stool with Kate Spade inspired plaid


Thinking of the practical use, I took pictures of the step stool in the guest bath. However,  how cute would it be on a buffet table or counter?! Why not use it to display a center piece, elevate a flowers arrangement or wine and stemware. All kinds of ideas are popping up in my head!


View of top

View of top


I’m still not sure if I’m more excited over the Kate Spade Keds, or the Kate Spade inspired step stool. Love it!


Having fun with paint and design

Classic design and paint




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