Furniture With Hidden Possibilities

This may be very shocking to you, but my house is not always company ready. I’m mainly referring to the downstairs family room and kitchen area, where we hang out with our puppy dogs. Many times while expecting friends to stop by, I’ve gathered up the detritus scattered around the room, and stashed it in the storage container that looks like a table.  It’s like having a secret room.  Amazing how much this unassuming container can hold!

Drum Storage Table

Drum Storage Table


When your decorating budget is tight, you want to get the most for your money by making calculated purchasing decisions.  For example, our entry table can also be used as a sofa table, a buffet or a media table.  We may not always live in this house, so a table that can be used in different ways is something to consider when furniture shopping.


Perfect size table by the sofa

Perfect size table by the sofa


Getting back to the highlight of my blog is the hard-working storage table sitting at the end of the leather sofa.  Last year while searching for an accent table, I visited all my favorite retail sites and spotted the Cala Hammered Drum Table at World Market. I ordered it on-line and it arrived within a week. Shopping at it’s best!


Drum Storage Table

Drum Storage Table


The drum table is about five feet from the back door.  Very convenient storage for towels to use at the pool and for drying wet paws.  Last winter, I used it to store extra throws and a blanket for sofa snuggling. Imagine how many stuffed animals, toys, flip-flops, kids books, frogs, and magazines this baby can hold!

Nice to know, if the doorbell rings, everything can go back into the storage container like magic.


Drum Storage Table

Drum Storage Table

Currently, I’m using the storage table by the sofa, but it could be easily moved to a bedroom, the bathroom or outside on the patio. Hope this give you some good ideas when shopping for furniture with big possibilities!



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