Oxford Cloth Sheets Review

Oxford cloth sheets from Lands' End

Oxford cloth sheets from Lands’ End

If I were a celebrity and had the opportunity to list my favorite products, let’s say for a magazine article (dare to dream), I would include Oxford Cloth Sheets from Lands’ End.  Well, I’m not in the celebrity crowd and I don’t do interviews, but I can write a review.

My friend Jenny and I were discussing not long ago of all things, sheets.  In my testimonial voice, I explained all the reasons, why I love the sheets from Lands’ End.

By coincidence, the set of sheets I ordered for the new guest room arrived by post, Saturday.  Great timing for a photo opportunity and to review them with a critical eye, since I did recommended them to a friend.


Oxford cloth sheets on the guest bed

Oxford cloth sheets on the guest bed


Over the last couple of years Lands’ End has improved the quality and feel of their Oxford cloth. I know because I have been buying them for years!  Just like an old friendly button down Oxford shirt, the sheets get softer with every washing.


Button down pillow cases

Button down pillow cases

One of my favorite features are the buttons on the pillow cases.  Having a way to keep pillows tucked neatly into a pillow case is very convenient.  The pillows not only have a  smart tailored look when the bed is made, but I don’t have to worry about the pillow slipping out-of-place during the night.


Comfortable and tailored

Comfortable and tailored

I have the solid color or striped sheets on all the beds. The new solid white set looks wonderful in the new minimalist guest room.


Beautiful quality

Beautiful quality


The quality, durability, comfort and function all get a thumbs up in my review.

Happy shopping!



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