Raincoat Review

Having a great appreciation for style, I feel compelled to share my first official fashion review.  A month before my vacation, my daughter urged me to order a raincoat (AKA Mac) from Boden. She explained how important it is that we make a fashion statement upon arriving at our destination.  I must admit I was reluctant because I’m the type that always wears dark clothes so I blend in with everyone else.  Sometimes, I need to take a giant step out of my comfort zone.

Boden Mac storm swirls

Boden Mac storm swirls

I’m delighted to report ordering a raincoat from Boden was a great idea.  First of all the fit was perfect.  I’m petite (basically short) and I find it a challenge to find clothes that proportionally fit correctly.  Meaning the shoulders, waist, sleeves and bottom hem, hit at the right spots.  Score a big hit with Boden! I think this is the best fitting coat I have ever owned.  Unlike me, my daughter is tall and slender however her Mac from Boden fit her like a dream as well.

Andrea wearing her Boden Mac

Andrea wearing her Boden Mac

The other part of looking great is determined by the performance of your fashion choice.  Here again we were not disappointed.  We both thought the hood was comfortable for walking in the rain.  I loved the big buttons, pockets, brightly colored zipper and lining. I would give the Mac 5 out of 5 stars!

Secretly, I was afraid we were going to look like tourist in our “Macs” but as it turned out we were stopped and asked directions a number of times.  Maybe our fashion friendly attire created a look as if we belonged, after all!




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