Spring Vase Filler

The mantle in our family room needed a fresh new look.  I wanted something tall in the cylinder vases but buying long stem flowers can be pricey.  My solution was to paint a bundle of bamboo sticks, that I already had, to look like fresh-cut bamboo. Many floral departments in craft stores have plastic bamboo but I think nature provides a little more character.

Natural bamboo

Natural bamboo

First I used green spray paint until all sides were covered.  Then I touch up each one with  darker green craft paint at each notch. I was very pleased with the look but decided it still need something more.  I white washed each section with some watered down white craft paint with a cloth. To finish it off I rubbed some of the Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax on each bamboo stick to give it a silky even look.

Painted bamboo

Painted bamboo

Very inexpensive project since the only thing I had to purchase was the spray paint. Everything else I already had on hand.  By the way the spray paint was the best I have ever used.  I’m always amazed how technology gets better and better even in regards to spray paint! I want to find something else to paint green!

Bye for now I’m on a mission!


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